MAFS Australia’s Ellie Dix: her age, job, Ben Walters and ‘recoupling’ with another groom

She's coupled up with Ben and their journey has been interesting...

Ellie MAFS

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The latest series of Married at First Sight Australia has been arguably one of the best. We’ve had shocking public break-ups, a classic MAFS cheating scandal and even an original song.

One of the most talked about couples of the series is Ellie Dix and Ben Walters. Here’s everything you need to know about Ellie and what went down between her and her ‘husband’.

FYI, there's spoilers ahead... You have been warned.

Ellie MAFS
Ellie on MAFS Australia ©Channel 4

Who is Ellie Dix?

Ellie Dix was a bride on series 11 of Married at First Sight Australia.

What does Ellie Dix do?

Before she appeared on MAFS, Ellie was an aesthetics nurse with a botox business.

How old is Ellie Dix?

Ellie is 32 years old.

Who was Ellie Dix paired with on Married at First Sight Australia?

Ellie was paired with Ben on her series of MAFS. Viewers may best remember him from the cringeworthy song he performed for her in an effort to win her back - which worked, by the way, and resulted in tears of happiness from Ellie.

Or, you may remember when he broke up with her during a dinner party in front of the entire table.

Ellie MAFS
Ellie and Ben's wedding day ©Channel 4

Throughout their time on the experiment, Ben was plagued with rumours that he had a girlfriend outside the experiment. This escalated when he went Facebook official with a woman when the show ended, prompting a now-deleted message from Ellie.

She wrote, "Dear Ben, did you forget we were friends on here? I heard you were seeing Aileen before you went on MAFS. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black," she began.

"I've been reading every horrible article you're leaking about me and all the lies and now the made up list photo you sent… It's not a ‘bad edit,’ it's a mirror being held up and for once take some accountability for your behaviour. Accept that you look like a bit of a c**t on the TV, it'll blow over.”

Ben and Ellie MAFS
Ben and Ellie looking less than happy at their second commitment ceremony (Remastered screengrab) ©Channel 4

It’s safe to say that only are they not together anymore, we doubt they’ll be back in contact any time soon.

What happened with Ellie Dix and Jonathan McCullough?

If there’s one thing guaranteed in a MAFS season, it’s a cheating scandal. Since the experiment ended, Ellie and Jonathan McCullough have been spotted out and about together on what appears to be some very romantic dates.

While Jono and Lauren stayed together up until the final commitment ceremony, he and Ellie allegedly started texting after her relationship with Ben ended.

Does Ellie Dix have an Instagram account?

She does, and you can follow her at @elliedixoxo.

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