MAFS UK: Georges Berthonneau responds to backlash over ‘offensive’ remarks- and he’s not backing down

Georges has said some wild things on MAFS

Georges MAFS UK

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This season of Married at First Sight UK has had some memorable characters to say the least, and we haven’t even met all of them yet. One groom who seems to love to stir the pot with his comments is Peggy Rose’s husband, Georges Berthonneau. He has become known as one of the most outspoken grooms, and as the series progresses we're seeing that he doesn’t shy away from controversial topics.

Georges has received some backlash for some of his comments made on the show - including when he was worried that his bride would be a member of the “itty bitty titty committee.” He doubled down by further explaining that he wanted his wife to have “melons” or - yes, he really said this - “mummy milkers.”

He told the producers, “I love fake boobs. You can’t beat them; the shape, symmetry, they just feel great.”

Yeah, he really went on a monologue.

Georges and Peggy MAFS UK
Peggy & Georges during a commitment ceremony

Although he admits that he did say those things, Georges has now clarified that the backlash may have come from a bad edit.

He told heat, “I'm really upset because at the stag do, I actually said exactly what Peggy was, including the ambition and the intelligence.”

So, maybe it’s not all about the boobs, just mostly about the boobs.

But the MAFS star apparently doesn't really care if fans find what he said offensive, he's insisted that it’s a preference that he’s standing by.

“For me, like I said, you know, I want someone who's beautiful, I obviously mentioned the fake boobs and, bo ohoo, sorry if that offends people, but I'm not going to lose sleep over that. It's just a preference.”

Georges and Peggy MAFS UK
Peggy & Georges together

He went on to say that although he does prefer women who aren’t members of the “itty bitty titty committee”, he also looks for other, less visual qualities.

“You know, I've said ambitious, intelligent, someone, someone that you know, someone who's actually got depth and interest. And I actually said visually… I don't mind if she's white, she's Black, if she's Asian. I said, I want someone who's beautiful. Vanity is a big thing for me. And I don't care what people say. That's my preference.”

Georges also insisted that Peggy ticked all of his boxes inside and out, so we’ll have to watch the rest of the series to see if it really does makes them a stronger couple.

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