MAFS UK’s Peggy Rose: her age, job and relationship with Georges Berthonneau

She's married a stranger on Married At First Sight UK

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If you ask us, there’s nothing more terrifying than walking down the aisle to marry a complete stranger – but that’s exactly what the cast of Married At First Sight UK signed up for, and there were more couples than ever taking part this year.

One of these hopeful romantics was Peggy Rose, who said 'I do' to Georges Berthonneau this season. Here's everything you need to know about Peggy, and where she stands with her 'husband' Georges...

MAFS UK's Peggy Rose
Peggy's family didn't have the best reaction when she revealed she was marrying a stranger ©Channel 4

How old is Peggy Rose?

Peggy is 32 years old.

What does Peggy Rose do?

Before appearing on MAFS UK, Peggy was a technology risk partner (we don't know what it means either).

Who was Peggy Rose married to on MAFS UK?

Peggy Rose was paired with the bold and brash Georges Berthonneau. While they had any ups and downs on the show, they proved that opposites do attract and they finished the show as a couple.

Peggy and Georges on MAFS UK
Peggy and Georges on MAFS UK ©Channel 4

Are Peggy Rose and Georges Berthonneau still together?

While many were unsure if the pair had broken up, it turns out that Peggy Rose and Georges did manage to make it work, and they’ve revealed that they have remained in a couple since the show stopped airing.

What did Peggy Rose say about Georges Berthonneau's squatting video?

One of Georges and Peggy’s most memorable rows came about when Georges revealed that he while he streams he encourages viewers to send him ‘baguettes’ in exchange for a set of squats. This revelation made Peggy question if they had similar values, and led to a rocky period in their relationship.

However, the couple moved on, and Georges has clearly rubbed off on Peggy, as since MAFS UK she’s announced quite an ‘adult’ new job.

What did Peggy Rose's family say about Georges Berthonneau?

One of our favourite bits of the show is when the brides and grooms break the news that they’re marrying someone they’ve never met before to their nearest and dearest and the camera cuts to their bewildered reaction.

Not all of the families have a positive reaction and that was the case for Peggy Rose, as she’s admitted her family didn’t want her to take part in the show.

Peggy told heat that her family reacted “badly” when she revealed she was appearing on MAFS. She explained, “My family didn’t want to get rid of me because I cook and clean, I’m the baby left. They didn’t want it.

“It’s not traditional, is it? My family is traditional, they wanted a conventional wedding not marry a stranger.” Her family even had the couple sleep in separate rooms when they came to visit for homestay week.

However, Georges clearly won them over, and he revealed that they get on better than ever. He told Digital Spy, “I’d say the update in regards to your family is that your dad buys me gifts from the boot fair, and every time I come over, your mum insists on feeding me.” Peggy then added “My mum doesn’t want Georges to leave the house now.”

MAFS UK 2023 cast
Peggy is one of this year's MAFS UK cast members ©Channel 4

Who was Peggy Rose friends with on MAFS?

Peggy claimed to get on with most of the brides on the show, singling out Ella Morgan and Shona Manderson. She also revealed that she even tried to warn Shona about her toxic relationship with Brad Skelly before the pair were asked to leave the experiment.

What has Peggy Rose said about how she was portrayed on MAFS UK?

Peggy opened up about how she struggled to watch herself back on screen as she felt she came across as controlling.

She told heat, “I know there have been a couple of clips of the girls showing a dislike of Georges, but a lot of the cast showed a dislike of him, and it made it hard for me to trust him. I think it makes me sound quite controlling and that’s hard to watch. There are key facts that are missing."

Was Peggy Rose on Take Me Out?

If viewers found Peggy Rose familiar, it may be because they spotted her on Take Me Out. That being said, she looks almost unrecognisable in the appearance back in 2012. Branded ‘Picky Peggy’ by Paddy McGuinness, Peggy was just 19 years old when she appeared.

What is Peggy Rose's Instagram?

You can follow Peggy Rose at @peggyroseofficial.

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