20 vintage albums from 2000 you need to revisit right now

Well that's our work from home soundtrack sorted

The Corrs

by Carl Smith |

All this coronavirus-induced self-quarantine business has got us looking for new ways to spice up our spare time. So far we've invested in some home gym bits, treated our skin to approximately 3000 different face masks (and found our new holy grail in the process) and we have a cross stitch kit on the way. WHO KNEW?

One area we've been struggling to source inspo in, though, is our work from home playlist. Without our colleagues to natter about all the serious topics with (yes, the Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian feud is important), we're in need of some tunes to fill the DEAFENING SILENCE.

And, since we've rinsed Roddy Ricch and done Dua Lipa's entire discography, we thought we'd revisit some proper pop classics from the year 2000 for all the nostalgia.

They might be twenty years old, but these albums from Britney Spears, Robbie Williams, Madonna and more are absolute classics that deserve another spin and/or stream STAT.

Albums released in 2000: your self-isolation soundtrack sorted


20 vintage albums from 2000 you totally forgot existed

Britney Spears
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The follow-up to her debut ...Baby One More Time, this one boasts everything from Stronger to Lucky. All killer, no filler.

Robbie Williams
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Any album that includes such bops as Rock DJ, Kylie Minogue duet Kids and Bob's criminally-underrated ballad Better Man is a classic by our standards.

The Corrs
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In times of trouble, literally nobody soothes the soul quite like The Corrs. In Blue features karaoke classic Breathless and one of our personal faves; Radio.

Ronan Keating
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While our boyband-loving heart broke a little as Ronan went solo, this one's undeniably brilliant and totally worth the tears we may have shed. Life is a Rollercoaster, baby. You've just gotta ride it.

Linkin Park
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For those more emo days. You may or may not have found us incessantly scrawling 'I HEART CHESTER' all over our school books to the soundtrack of Papercut. We're not even sorry about it.

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And, yes, we can still rap The Real Slim Shady in its entirety. Watch us.

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We don't care what anybody says, Don't Tell Me is absolute top tier Madonna and is totally better than Vogue. That is all.

Nelly Furtado
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Oh, there's so much more to this album than I'm Like a Bird. Turn Off the Light was always the superior song, anyway. Don't @ us.

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We're venturing into proper dad-rock territory here, but it reminds us of a simpler time. Plus, Trouble still SLAPS.

Craig David
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We're not sure we'll ever get over that time he was nominated for loads of BRIT Awards and didn't win any. What a cruel world we live in.

S Club 7
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Alright, alright. It's a bit of a cheese fest. But we still listen to Reach whenever our boss has had a go at us and we need that self-indulgent ego boost, y'know? It just makes us feel things.

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EXTREMELY FUN ACTIVITY IDEA: Sit on the sofa, proceed to stand for the big key change moment. Passes about 45 minutes, makes for great low-intensity cardio.

Spice Girls
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Often considered the group's forgotten post-Ginger Spice album, this was beaten to number one by Westlife but still boasts some bops. Tell Me Why's worth a listen, and If You Wanna Have Some Fun's an injection of classic Spice.

Kylie Minogue
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This Kylie era spawned those iconic gold hot pants. What's not to love?

Whitney Houston
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Whitney Houston. Hits. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Bon Jovi
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Another staple from our dad's Ford Mondeo six-disc CD changer (oh, we had all the mod cons); Crush is home to early noughties smash It's My Life.

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Any excuse to don a bandana and our entire jewellery collection simultaneously, tbh.

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More 'girl power' R&B bangers than you can shake a stick at. Shout out to There You Go and Most Girls for serving all the sass.

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Our fave? Title track Not That Kind. Such a throwback.

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This is actually a really decent album. We're not even joking. Angel and It Wasn't Me were obviously the novelty school disco-skewed hits, but Hope is also bloody brilliant.

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