Ant and Dec share hilarious photo from self-isolation as they tease this weekend’s Saturday Night Takeaway

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Ant and Dec have shared a brilliant photo of themselves practising this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Takeaway - in a totally different way than normal. Of course, the boys normally have a rehearsal in person with their cast and crew, but things have changed due to the Coronavirus.

Thankfully, this weekend's episode of SNT will go ahead - albeit without a studio audience, for the first time ever - despite warnings that it could have been cancelled amid social distancing.

Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
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However, Ant and Dec have kept their distance for the run-through with their cast and crew, and took to Twitter to share a photo of themselves all dialling in for a rehearsal!

They wrote, 'A quick hello from a very different #SaturdayNightTakeaway script meeting! We’ll massively miss our studio audience but the show will go on this weekend. Stay safe everyone, we’ll see you on the telly this Saturday Television.'

Fans were loving the update, and many took to the comments to share messages of joy over the upcoming episode. One wrote, '“Just smile and wave guys, just smile and wave!” Jokes aside, it will still be an amazing show regardless 🥺💕,' and another added, 'We need you guys more than ever. Keep up laughing.'

Scroll through to see all the interesting facts you never knew about Ant & Dec:


Ant and Dec facts RADIO STACKED

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1. Ant and Dec become friends through football

Believe it or not the pair didn't get along at first but it was their joint love for football and in particular their local team Newcastle United that bonded the pair together.According to reports, Ant invited Dec along to Newcastle's Boxing Day match in 1990 and the rest is history.

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2. They were neighbours for a number of years

Not only do they work together but Ant and Dec used to live just three doors away from each other in West London! However, after Ant's split from his ex-wife Lisa Armstrong, Ant bought a new £5 million home in South West London. Despite this, Ant and Dec have holiday homes next door to each other in sunny Portugal.

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3. They bet who would be the first to get married

When they were just 15, Ant and Dec bet £50 who would be the first to get married. Ant was forced to pay Dec the money when he tied the knot in 2006 to Lisa Armstrong. Dec married Ali Astall in August 2015. After his divorce from Lisa, Ant re-married in August 2021 when he tied the knot with his girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett.

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4. They have life insurance against each other

In the awful event that one of them dies, the other will receive a pay out as they both have life insurance against each other.

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5. Ant and Dec bought the rights to Byker Grove

It was the show which kick-started their careers but Ant and Dec reportedly bought the rights to Byker Grove when the production company went bust. Could we see a Byker Grove reunion?

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6. Ant and Dec have been sued before

The boys were sued by an American comedian (who also had the name Ant) for using his name during their time in America. Unsurprisingly the allegations of fraud were dismissed!

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7. A huge amount of people mix Ant and Dec up

After a poll found that 70% of viewers were unable to tell the boys apart, Dec admitted standing in the same positions is a useful way to help out the public.The pair now position themselves so that Ant is on the viewer's left, and Dec on the right.

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8. Ant and Dec are music stars

Before they became the kings of presenting, Ant and Dec (AKA PJ and Duncan) enjoyed an extensive music career. The pair released sixteen singles and three album including their biggest hit to date 'Let's Get Ready To Rhumble'.

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9. Ant and Dec hold a Guinness World Record

In 2019 the boys were rewarded with a Guinness World Record for the most National Television Awards for Best Presenter won consecutively.In September 2021, Ant and Dec won Best Presenter at the NTAs for the 20th consecutive year!

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10. Ant and Dec both have an OBE

In 2017, both Ant and Dec received an OBE from Prince Charles for their services to broadcasting and entertainment. The boys collected their accolades at Buckingham Palace.

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11. Ant and Dec have hosted The BRIT Awards

Ant and Dec first hosted The BRIT Awards way back in 2001, before making a return to the stage in both 2015 and 2016.

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12. Ant and Dec are worth millions

Due to their phenomenal careers, it's reported that Ant and Dec's current net worth is estimated to be around £62 million each.Lend us a tenner lads!

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13. Ant and Dec both have phobias

Believe it or not, despite Ant and Dec hosting I'm A Celebrity in the Australian Jungle, both of them have phobias! Ant is scared of spiders and Dec is terrified of birds!

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14. Ant and Dec have their name trademarked

Since 2003, the name 'Ant and Dec' has been trademarked in the UK in the category of 'Entertainment services'.

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15. Ant and Dec are RELATED!

When taking part in their 2019 documentary Ant and Dec's DNA Journey, the boys discovered the are actually distant cousins!The popular pair found out they share a S660 DNA marker, meaning they are related in an incredibly distant way.


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ITV released a statement yesterday to confirm that Saturday Night Takeaway would go ahead, 'Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway will go ahead this weekend without a studio audience. Our priority is safeguarding the well-being of everyone involved.

'The show will be made with a reduced production crew and in accordance with the latest guidance from Public Health England. The team are looking forward to bringing our viewers a brilliant show on Saturday evening.'

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