Brad McClelland: who is the Love Island 2021 star?

And is he on Instagram? No, seriously... is he?

Brian McClelland Love Island

by Marianna Manson |

Are you struggling to keep up yet? The fourth boy has been added to the line-up and we’ve already got a soft spot for Brad McClelland, with his baby blues and a jaw you could cut paper on.

Who is Brad McClelland?

Brad McClelland is the fourth lad to enter the villa as part of the original 2021 lineup. From his Instagram, it's clear he's a big fan of adventure and travelling, with plenty of exotic snaps taken everywhere from Thailand to the Scottish lowlands. He describes himself as a "gym goer and coffee lover" - could he BE anymore wholesome?

How old is Brad McClelland?

Brad is 26-years-young.

Is Brad McClelland from Amble, Northumberland?

In case you missed it during his date with Lucinda Strafford where he mentioned it about 174629 times, Brad is from this lush green planes of Amble, Northumberland.

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What is Brad McClelland's job?

Brad is officially a labourer (with that bod, we're honestly not surprised) but describes himself as a bit of a wheeler-dealer type.

“I try and make as much money as I can by doing as little as possible," he says. "They’d probably say – not lazy, as I’m energetic – I just try to get away with doing literally nothing.”

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What is Brad McClelland's relationship history?

While his social media is giving absolutely nothing away, Brad has said that he's looking forward to taking dating offline, saying, "I want to date face-to-face, I like meeting people. I’m easy going, laid back."

He's also definitley got a type on paper, as he's cited Zara McDermott, Megan Fox and Sommer Ray as his celebrity crushes.

Is Brad McClelland on Instagram?

It was touch and go for a minute there but we eventually tracked Brad down @brad_mclell.

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