Rachel Finni: everything you need to know about the Love Island bombshell

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Love Island was dealt a HUGE bombshell when Rachel Finni strutted straight into the villa just minutes after the latest recoupling meant Brad McClelland and Chuggs Wallis were left single – forcing her to spend 24 hours getting to know them before choosing which one she wants to couple up with.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Rachel Finni.

Who is Rachel Finni?

Rachel was the third bombshell to walk into the villa in just a week, coming after new lads Liam Reardon and Chuggs Wallis. She was forced to make a huge decision as the lad she doesn’t choose will be on the first flight home back to Blighty.

How old is Rachel Finni?

Rachel is 29 years old, making her the oldest Islander in the villa so far this year.

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What is Rachel Finni’s job?

She is a luxury travel specialist, which basically means she books and organises holidays for famous people. Living the life, eh?

Explaining her high-flying job, Rachel explained, “For me, it’s more what the hotels are capable of,” she said.

“We had a rock star staying at one of our hotels once and we managed to open up the ceiling just so we could get a Baby Grand Piano in there for them.”

What is Rachel Finni’s type on paper?

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On her first night, we saw Rachel tell everyone that will listen that she doesn’t have a “physical type” and she goes more on a connection.

However, she does have a few specifics, “As long as you are sexy, smell nice, don’t bite your nails or chew loudly, have me!”

And as boys in the villa go, she’s interested in a couple, “Aaron is very attractive and seems down to earth. Hugo seems like boyfriend material – handsome, charming – and I’d like to crack his shell a bit more.

“And Toby – he’s attractive, cheeky. I’d definitely have a lot of fun with him but I need to see if he’s worth pursuing.”

Notice no mention of Brad or Chuggs though? Awks.

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Why did Rachel Finni want to go on Love Island?

Rachel is Miss Independent, but she’d love to find someone to share life with.

“I don’t need a man for anything. I can buy my own home and take care of myself.”


She added, “I just love knowing I have another person there that I’m going through life with.”

Does Rachel Finni have Instagram?

She sure does, although either she is a bit mysterious or she had a Instagram clear out just before going into the villa. Go follow her over on @rayfinn.

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