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We may only be into week two into the latest series of Love Island but SO much has happened already. From new girls Lucinda Strafford and Millie Court causing most of the boys head to turn, the end of Sharon Gaffka and Aaron Francis to Toby Aromolaran ending things with Kaz Kamwi to pursue things with Chloe Burrows.

Let’s not even get started on Hugo Hammond’s row with Sharon. There’s been hella drama.

It doesn’t stop there though, as new bombshell Teddy Soares was teased to enter the villa at the end of Thursday’s episode.

So who is this mystery hunk? Who has he got his eye on? We've done all the digging for you…

Who is Teddy Soares?

After witnessing more recouplings and new faces than ever on Love Island, Teddy is the latest bombshell to descend onto the villa and he’s not afraid to step on some toes.

Before entering, he seemed to be keen to stir up some trouble. He said, “From a girls’ standpoint, they’re going to have to get used to me stirring a few pots and causing a bit of a ruckus.

“I do think hopefully, me walking into the villa, the girls will have something to look at.”

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Sharon Gaffka1 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Sharon Gaffka Instagram name

Instagram: @sharongaffkaTwitter: SharonNJGaffkaTikTok: She's doesn't do Tik Tok, sorry babes YouTube: No YouTube either

Aaron Francis2 of 22
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Aaron Francis Instagram name

Instagram: aaronfranciisTwitter: He doesn't tweet TikTok: WE'RE OBSESSED aaronfranciisYouTube: Aaron Francis Essentials

Liberty Poole3 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Liberty Poole Instagram name

Instagram: libertypoolexTwitter: Liberty__PooleTikTok: libertyamorYouTube: No YouTube, sorry honey

Hugo Hammond4 of 22
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Hugo Hammond Instagram name

Instagram: hugo_hammond_Twitter: He's not on Twitter TikTok: No TikTok either :( YouTube: Hugo LOVES mystery, no YouTube either

Shannon Singh5 of 22
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Shannon Singh Instagram name

Instagram: shannonsinghhhTwitter: No Twitter account TikTok: No TikTok either, sorry YouTube: Alexa Singh

Jake Cornish6 of 22
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Jake Cornish Instagram name

Instagram: jakecornish7Twitter: Not on Twitter TikTok: No account :(YouTube: He's a water engineer, do you think he has time?

Kaz Kamwi7 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Kaz Kamwi instagram name

Instagram: kazkamwiTwitter: Despite being all over Instagram and TikTok, Kaz doesn't have a Twitter account (or we can't find it)TikTok: kazkamwiYouTube: Kaz Kamwi

Brad McClelland love island8 of 22
CREDIT: u00a9 ITV Pictures

Brad McClelland Instagram name

Instagram: brad_mcclellTwitter: brad_mcclellTikTok: brad_mcclelland_YouTube: No Youtube account

Chloe burrows love island instagram9 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Chloe Burrows

Instagram: chloe__burrowsTwitter: @Chloe___BurrowsTikTok: Chloe doesn't have Tik Tok YouTube: No Youtube account

faye winter instagram10 of 22
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Faye Winter

Instagram: faye__winterTwitter: @MissFayeWinterTikTok: No Tik Tok YouTube: Faye doesn't do YouTube, soz

toby aromolaran instagram love island11 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Toby Aromolaran

Instagram: tobyaromolaranTwitter: No Twitter (that we can find)TikTok: tobyaromolaranYouTube: No YouTube

chuggs love island instagram12 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Chuggs Wallis

Instagram: chuggswallisTwitter: chuggswallisTikTok: Chuggs doesn't do Tik TokYouTube: No YouTube either

Liam Reardon instagram social media13 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Liam Reardon

Instagram: liamreardon1Twitter: _LiamReardonTikTok: Liam doesn't do Tik TokYouTube: No YouTube either, sorry babes

rachel finni love island instagram14 of 22
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Rachel Finni

Instagram: rayfinnTwitter: Rachel is very mysterious and only has Instagram TikTok: You won't find her hereYouTube: Or here

millie court love island social media15 of 22
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Millie Court

Instagram: milliegracecourtTwitter: No Twitter TikTok: milliegracecourtYouTube: You won't find Millie on YouTube

lucinda strafford love island16 of 22
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Lucinda Strafford

Instagram: lucindastraffordTwitter: She's not on Twitter, soz TikTok: lucindastraffordYouTube: No YouTube

teddy soares instagram love island17 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Teddy Soares

Instagram: teddy_soaresTwitter: No TwitterTikTok: No TikTokYouTube: No YouTube either :(

Andrea-Jane Bunker instagram love island18 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Andrea-Jane Bunker

Instagram: andreajanebunkerTwitter: @_andreajbunkerTikTok: No Tik Tok, yet YouTube: No YouTube account

danny bibby instagram love island19 of 22

Danny Bibby

Instagram: dannybibby_Twitter: Danny doesn't tweet TikTok: No TikTokYouTube: He's not on YouTube

Georgia Townsend instagram name20 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Georgia Townend

Instagram: georgiatownend_Twitter: georgiatownend_TikTok: Georgia doesn't do Tik Tok YouTube: No YouTube either

Abigail Rawlings instagram name21 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Abigail Rawlings

Instagram: abigaillouiserawlingsTwitter: Abi doesn't tweet TikTok: abigaillouiserawlingsYouTube: She's doesn't do YouTube

Tyler Cruickshank instagram name22 of 22
CREDIT: ITV Pictures

Tyler Cruickshank

Instagram: tylercruickshank_Twitter: No Twitter TikTok: No Tik TokYouTube: You guessed it, he doesn't have an account

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How old is Teddy Soares?

Teddy is 26 years old.

Where is Teddy Soares from?

He’s from Manchester, oooop north. Will he be able to understand what Brad McClelland is saying?

What’s Teddy Soares’ job?

He’s a senior financial consultant at a firm in Manchester. Fancy.

According to his Linkedin, he ‘arranges straight forward funding solutions for professional and corporate businesses across the UK’.

What is Teddy Soares’ type on paper?

Well, he’s very vague about who exactly he likes the look of in the villa, hinting that he wants to get to know all of them.

He says, “I want to get to know all of the girls. I’m not afraid to step on toes to get the girl I want.”

Keeping your cards close to your chest, eh Teddy? The mystery.

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Why is Teddy Soares going on Love Island?

In his own words, he’s not getting any younger and he’s a relationship kind of guy – maybe he could have a word with young Toby?

“I’m not getting any younger. I’ve always been the type of guy to be in long relationships. Never broken three years though,” he admits.

“If I do find someone in the villa, I’m going to take it seriously.”

When describing himself, Teddy revealed that he thinks he’s going to be a hit with the lads, too.

He said, "I’m cuddly, caring and all my friends, when they have an issue, they call me and confide in me. I’m always that person to lean on. I think I’m going to add that element with the boys."

The Islander is ready to settle down with someone special, as he added, “I think I’m ready for love now.

“Law of attraction is probably what I believe in, so being in the villa is part of that thought process."

Does Teddy Soares have Instagram?

He sure does! Go follow him over at @teddy_soares and get ready to swoon.

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