Lucinda Strafford unveils brunette hair and she looks SO different

The Love Island 2021 star is known for her long blonde hair

Lucinda Strafford Love Island

by Nathan Katnoria |

Love Island's Lucinda Strafford joined the villa alongside Millie Court and they took the crown for the sassiest (and blondest) bombshells in the show's history.

Despite being known for her blonde locks, Lucinda he recently wowed her followers by revealing her new brown hair transformation and we have to say - she can literally pull off anything.

She shared the photos of her new hair on her Instagram story along with a poll in which she asked her followers, "Guys what do we think of the dark hair?"

@lucindastrafford's Instagram story
©@lucindastrafford's Instagram story

In another post she added, "Asking because I DON'T KNOW!? Might go slightly lighter but at least I've tried it."

@lucindastrafford's Instagram story
©@lucindastrafford's Instagram story

In a third post of her new locks she addressed questions about whether she'd had surgery on her lips. She responded, "Also guys I'm getting a lot of Q's on my lips & if I've had them done again.

@lucindastrafford's Instagram story
©@lucindastrafford's Instagram story

"Last time I got them done was in 2019 when I was 19.

"Have not touched them since & only thing I have ever had done."

Outside of her new hairdo, you may have found yourself wondering what else Lucinda has been up to since she left the show. Well fear not - Here’s all the tea about Lucinda…

Lucinda Strafford Love Island
©ITV Pictures

Who is Lucinda Strafford?

Lucinda Strafford is a reality TV star and influencer who first became famous when she joined the cast of love Island during the 2021 series. She entered the villa as a bombshell alongside eventual winner Millie Court.

How old is Lucinda Strafford?

She’s 22 years old.

Where is Lucinda Strafford from?

She’s from Brighton.

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What is Lucinda Strafford’s job?

Before joining the villa Lucinda worked as an online fashion boutique owner. Since leaving she has become something of an influencer amassing a following of 784k followers.

What is Lucinda Strafford's type on paper?

Before entering the villa Lucinda said of her type, “I really fancy Brad. And then possibly Liam,” she confessed.

“But obviously I’m open to getting to know any of the other boys.”

Tbf her type could just be people called Aaron...

Why did Lucinda Strafford go on Love Island?

To find love, duh. Just before she joined the villa she said, “I’m a relationship kind of girl. The timing is right and I want to have some fun.”

While this was her aim when she went on the show, she later admitted she she "didn’t find actual love in the villa" even though she tried her hardest to.

Who did Lucinda Strafford date before Love Island?

Aaron Connolly
©Getty Images

Lucinda dated footballer Aaron Connolly for two years but their relationship came to an end back in March of last year when he allegedly broke Covid rules to romance another woman.

It’s claimed Aaron “begged” Lucinda not to go on Love Island but she stuck to her guns and jetted out to Mallorca. While Aaron was left heartbroken after she joined the show, the two of them started dating again once she returned to the UK.

After dating on/off for three and a half years, they recently announced they had called it quits. A source told the Sun, "Everyone thought Lucinda and Aaron would make a real go of things this time round.

"Aaron was pretty cut up when she decided to do Love Island but they moved on from it and seemed stronger than ever.

"In the end they just couldn't make it work and have decided it would be better for both of them if they remained single."

What happened with Lucinda Strafford and Brad McClelland?

Brad McClelland

Lucinda initially coupled up with Brad McClelland in the villa, however the producers put them in an impossible position - either one of them had to volunteer to leave the show or both of them had to.

Brad sacrificed himself, but this was not to be the end of their relationship. After leaving the villa it was clear Brad still had feelings for Lucinda, and after she was booted from the show they reportedly reunited. Brad even getting into a "bust-up" at a nightclub over her. It clearly didn't amount to anything though, as Lucinda was soon back with footballer Aaron.

What happened with Lucinda Strafford and Aaron Francis?

Aaron Francis

After Brad left the villa, Lucinda struck up romance with Aaron Francis (she definitely has a type). However love clearly wasn't in the air as she later revealed that outside of the show their relationship lasted less than 72 hours (oof).

Does Lucinda Strafford have Instagram?

She does, indeed. If you want to follow her, you can at @lucindastrafford.

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