Ex on the Beach’s wildest fights: contains a LOT of Megan McKenna, ngl

'I will f--king go HAM'

Megan McKenna

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Nothing says summer like sun, sea and....an ex appearing from the water to scream at you and probably throw a drink.

One of our top telly pleasures, Ex on the Beach has been on screens since 2014, and there have been arguments over sex, cheating, suntan lotion, cheese (cheese!) and more.

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Ex on the Beach: Biggest Fights EVER

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Holly Rickwood vs Kayleigh Morris

Stephen Bear's ex Holly Rickwood and Kayleigh Morris already had beef from an Essex club incident (who doesn't?). However things blew up when they came face to face with Holly uttering the line, "You've had more dicks than I've had sun-beds". Tbf she's very tanned.

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Megan McKenna vs Connie Wiltshire

Megan McKenna went head to head with her former best mate Connie Wiltshire in the third series. As Megan tried to speak with Josh Ritchie, Connie tried to interrupt - bad move babes. What happened next was Megan losing her shit.

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Naomi Hedman vs Gina Barrett

Nothing says Ex On The Beach like throwing a drink and being tackled by security. And that's what happened during the fourth season as Gina Barrett and Naomi Hedman came to blows. When Gina arrived to the party in bikini, Noami accused the scantily clad lady of being "obsessed" with her. Which resulted in them both taking a Pinot to the face and Naomi trying (and failing) to out run security.

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Lewis Good vs everyone

Lewis Good, the self proclaimed "Most hated man in Hampshire", argued with everyone in the fourth series including an ornamental pot. With too many arguments to name tbh, the star threw everything, pots, glasses and even a chair (whilst half naked and covered in paint).

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Vicky Pattison vs Emily Gillard

"I thought I was mentally unstable before I met her," said Emily Gillard during the first season. After she accused Emily of flirting with Marco Alexandre a furious Vicky had to be dragged away screaming.

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Michael vs Celebrities

MAFS's Michel Goonan fell out with every other celeb on the series after he was tasked with voting one off. Taken into the shack, little did he known his decision making was broadcast to the house. Awkward.

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Frankie vs Nicole

When Frankie Spong emerged from the sea in season eight, Nicole Bass was not a happy bunny. After accusing Frankie of sleeping with her boyfriend Jacques Fraser the two ended up in the ladies room - being very unlady like.

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Dominika Vs Unfaithful Men

Dominika Wrobel stood up for every woman during season nine when she decided to throw something at every unfaithful man. From your usual cocktail to the biggest of green birthday cakes.

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Megan vs Ali

Who can forget the famous line, " "I will f--king go HAM on that bitch". After a few too many holiday cocktails a jealous Megan took her frustrations out on Josh's ex Ali Drew. As she screamed and shouted the other girls were forced to drag the CBB star away - though not before she threatened violence. Classy.


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In other news, Ex on the Beach alumni Megan recently sent fans wild after she shared a photo to her Instagram.

Her Instagram feed has been littered with fabulous bikini snaps and candlelit dinners as she enjoys a romantic holiday to the Maldives with her man Josh Riley.

And one shot in particular had fans dusting off their hats as she showed off a large sparkling ring - with many convinced the couple had got engaged on their idyllic getaway.

Our hopes were soon dashed however when a rep for Megan told OK!, "Megan took the video in selfie mode, so it flips the image. The hand with the four rings on is actually her right hand."

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