Abbie Holborn shades OG star who won’t ‘make the effort’ for Geordie Shore’s end

MTV's hit show has been canned after ten years - will it go out with a bang or a whimper?

Abbie Holborn

by Georgina Terry |

It's been ten (10!) years since [Geordie Shore]( burst onto screens in a drink-addled frenzy of bucking, shouting and fake-tan-ing. It paved the way for many more British reality shows, (Made in Chelsea, Ex on the Beach, The Valleys, we're looking at you) and honestly felt groundbreaking.

But now those days are OVER. As is the show, reportedly. An MTV insider confirmed to heat that the show has been axed but, in one last, glorious, series, the OG cast will unite with the current lot to hit the shots, the Toon, and maybe even tash on with each other.

Except for at least one very notable exception.

And it seems as though current cast member Abbie Holborn is not very pleased about it.

Instagram / Abbie Holborn
Oooh, ouch ©Instagram / Abbie Holborn

When asked by a fan if Gary Beadle will be coming back, Abbie replied, "Can neither confirm or deny, will have to watch who makes the effort and returns."

'Make the effort?' OooOOooooh.

Abbie Hoborn Gaz Beadle Geordie Shore
Gary and Abbie shared a few smooches during their time on the show ©MTV

And she's not the only one apparently put out by the non-appearance of the parsnip. TV bosses are also said to be annoyed by Gaz's refusal to take part in the show.

Gaz Beadle Geordie Shore
Gaz will not be returning to the show that made him famous ©Getty

A TV insider explained, “Gaz has told bosses and the rest of the cast he's too busy to come back for the ten-year anniversary.

“MTV bosses will be fuming as Gaz owes his whole career to the show, so it's a bit cheeky to turn around and snub their big reunion.

“Everyone else is excited to return for the show and where it all began, but Gaz has told people he's not interested: he's grown up and moved on."

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Vicky Pattison in 2011

Feisty Vicky, the very first person to enter the Geordie Shore house in 2011, has had quite the transformation over the years.

“He's got two kids at home and businesses to run,” they added to The Sun.

Gaz was just 22 when he first entered the Geordie Shore house and soon became known for his womanising ways and, err, massive peen. We’ve never been able to look at a parsnip the same way, tbh.

These days though, he’s loved-up with fiancée Emma McVey and is dad to three-year-old son Chester and one-year-old daughter Primrose.

WATCH Gaz Beadle and Holly Hagan react to old Geordie Shore memories

Holly Hagan, who is returning for the reunion show, has previously insisted there's no bad blood between any of the old cast.

“It’s just like any job,” she explained on Instagram. “You go to work and have a laugh with the people you work with. But you might stay in touch outside of work with a few people who you get on with most.

“You wouldn’t keep in contact with the entire office because not everyone is an out of work type of friend and also no one has the time to do that. That’s not a bad thing.”

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