Gaz Beadle reveals how much Geordie Shore stars REALLY got paid and we’re shocked

The Geordie OG has opened up about his earnings from the MTV show

Geordie Shore salary

by Nathan Katnoria |

When Geordie Shore first hit our screens back in 2011 (yep, it really has been ten years), the MTV show made instant stars out of the likes of Gaz Beadle, Charlotte Crosby, Vicky Pattison and Holly Hagan.

The Geordie OGs were suddenly everywhere from magazine front covers to every swanky red carpet event under the sun, not mention nightclubs up and down they country as they got paid to party, but it turns out their lives weren’t quite as glamorous as it seems.

While it’s easy to assume that the gang of radgies raked it in for appearing on Geordie Shore, Gaz has revealed that that was not the case at all…

Geordie Shore salary
The Geordie OGs back in 2011 ©Getty

In fact, Gary, who has retired from his wild former lifestyle and is now settled down with wife Emma McVey and their two children, Chester, three, and Primrose, two, recently revealed the cast didn’t get paid at all for the first series.

He opened up about his Geordie Shore earnings during an Instagram Q&A with fans, when one follower asked whether taking part in the show was the highest-paying job he’s ever had. Gaz replied, “Hahahah u crazy it was the least paid more like 😂 we didn’t get paid for series 1… got penny’s for series 2/3.”

Geordie Shore salary
©Instagram/Gaz Beadle

He continued, “Got better later on… but it was up to you what u made outside of Gshore. That’s how some ppl did well and others didn’t.”

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Holly gives Gaz a kiss on the penis
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Holly gives Gaz a kiss on the penis

18-year-old Holly Hagan literally ran into the Geordie Shore house, excited to spend her teenage years exploring what the 'adult world' was really like and she really did get stuck in. It wasn't long into the first series before Gary Beadle had got out his penis, which Holly decided she wanted to kiss. Random, we know. Since then, Holly has dished the dirt on that encounter, after Gary said his penis resembled a "Sky remote control." Speaking to heat, she revealed, "It's not that big really."

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Perhaps Gaz is referring to his former pulling partner Scotty T who was declared bankrupt in 2019 after he racked up a debit in excess of £147,000.

Scotty was worth an estimated £630,000 at the height of his fame thanks to his appearances on Celebrity Big Brother, Ex on the Beach, Aussie soap Neighbours, Just Tattoo of Us and a deal with Boohoo Man.

But things went downhill for the reality star when he was axed from Geordie Shore in 2017 for “bad behaviour” and later lost his presenting role on Just Tattoo of Us after just one series.

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Scotty hosted the tattoo show alongside Charlotte Crosby and the pair recently sent fans wild when they reunited once again. Charlotte posted a cosy snap of the two of them sharing a hammock with the caption, “Hammock chills this afternoon with my fave @scottgshore,” leading some of her followers to speculate that they could be more than friends.

One commented, “This would be the coupling we’d all have been waiting for!!!!!”

Another added, “I hope these are together ❤️❤️❤️,” while a third swooned, “Him holding your hand and hair like that 🙌❤️.”

It seems Charlotte and Scotty are just really close pals though, as she’s rumoured to be dating convicted criminal Jake Ankers - who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage in 2017 - and is even thought to have moved into his Manchester flat despite renovating her £1m mansion earlier this year.

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