Strictly Come Dancing favourite revealed – and it’s an absolute joke

Looks like they could clean up for fans after their first turn around the 'floor

Strictly's Claudia Winklemen and Tess Daly

by Nathan Katnoria |

Hold onto your sequins and get ready to cha cha cha with delight. The most popular contestant of Strictly Come Dancing 2022 so far has been revealed.

Following the absolutely solid metric of increase in Instagram followers, MATHS reveals that comedian Jayde Adams has quickstepped into an early lead.

Strictly's Jayde Adams
Jayde had a huge surge in Insta popularity following her first turn on the 'floor ©BBC

Looks like her first dance to Christina Aguilera's Dirrty saw her clean up with fans. We're here all week. All all the time, actually. All the time.

The research was put together by who calculate that Jayde's fan base went up by 12,700 after the first dance show. But the largest percentage increase went to CBBC's Hamza Yassin, whose followers went up by a really pretty impressive 31%. Well done, everyone.

Speaking to heat ahead of Strictly's launch, Jayde revealed that she's pals with the stars of RuPaul's Drag Race Race UK, and that her Drag Race pals were swapping secrets in their group chat after signing up to take part in the shows.

She told us, “I did tell people, but I had on my phone what I refer to as my Strictly circle of trust. I started my career off in the drag scene in in East London and it's all that lot.

“There's loads of our friends that are going to be in the new series of Drag Race, and we kept secrets in the group as it is. So I had a group of people.”

Although Jayde remain tight-lipped about which of this year’s Drag Race queens she’s pals with, a quick glimpse at her Instagram reveals she follows the likes of Jonbers Blonde, Black Peppa, Baby and Pixie Polite, who are all on the show.

Jayde revealed her drag friends are completely behind her on her Strictly journey and, who knows, we could even spot some familiar faces in the audience.

She said, “I cannot tell you the amount of excitement. All of the drag queens and all of my gays are thrilled for me.

“I’m going to have a couple of them come on and watch the show as well.”

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