Love Island’s Liam Reardon spills the beans on secret bed-swapping 😱

He’s revealed some major villa secrets

Liam Reardon Love Island bed-swapping

by Nathan Katnoria |

This year’s Love Island lot have been VERY forthcoming with behind-the scenes-info after Brett Staniland revealed he’d begged producers to cut a scene from the show and Hugo Hammond shared the recipe for the Islanders’ infamous iced coffee, but just when we thought we knew all there was to know, Liam Reardon, who won the show with girlfriend Millie Court, has let slip some HUGE villa secrets.

The 22-year-old former labourer opened up about what the Islanders get up to on their days off when they aren’t filming and explained that the couples aren’t allowed to sleep in the same bed so that the cameras don’t miss anything.

Liam Reardon Love Island bed-swapping
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“You have down days, not every day is getting filmed. You have to have a down day, it can get intense in there,” he said during a Facebook Live with WalesOnline.

Liam continued, “You still stay in the villa but it doesn't get shown on TV. We'd have same sex beds. When the cameras aren't rolling, the boys would sleep with the boys and the girls would sleep with the girls."

How did we not know this before, please?

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Liam Reardon Love Island bed-swapping
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Liam also revealed that he turned down the chance to appear on Love Island TWICE before he finally agreed to star on the show.

He explained, “I was actually supposed to go on there when I was 19, so a few years ago now. I didn't end up going on there, then I was supposed to go on the winter one, I chose not to go on that one. Then the summer one last year, I was supposed to go on that one but then it got cancelled due to Covid.

“But I think everything happens for a reason, you know? I've ended up going on there this year, and if I'd gone on there a previous year I wouldn't have met Millie. I've gone on there this year and it's all worked out perfect so I couldn't be more grateful."

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This all comes up after Liam and Millie revealed they were moving in together in her native Essex after making a U-turn on their plans to live with their fellow Islanders.

Millie said, “I think that would be a bit of a mad house! When you’re in the villa, everyone’s like yeah let’s all move in, girls, boys..."

Liam added, “That was the plan. Now we’ve come out and we’ve [Millie and I] spent five days apart, and I know it’s only five days, but you realise that you don’t want to be apart.

“I think we’re going to be so busy with work that we want to have our own home to go back to together."

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