Arabella Chi risks being AXED from Love Island villa after breaking MAJOR rule 😱

Oh dear!

Arabella Chi

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She's only been in the Love Island villa for one week, but already Arabella Chi has 'stolen' Danny Williams from Yewande Biala and clashed with some of the original Islanders.

Now, after her ex-boyfriend Charlie Frederick revealed he thought the pair were actually still dating, Arabella has reportedly broken a MAJOR Love Island rule, putting her at risk of being axed from the villa, just like Sherif Lanre.

As we previously reported, Arabella is friends with former Islander Montana Brown, so when Montana appeared on heat's Love Island: Under the Duvet alongside Jack Fowler earlier this month, she revealed she was going to give Arabella a load of her swimming costumes to wear in the villa.

Montana told heat Radio's Jordan Lee, "I've just shoved loads of Swim Society [swimwear] in there. I basically just told her to get that swimwear out there, get it off the screens and hopefully it'll fly off the wall."

Now that Arabella is in the villa, the stunning model has been wearing Montana's swimsuit range 'Swim Society', with Montana writing on Insta, 'When you see @swimsociety make an appearance on @loveisland.'

HOWEVER, here comes the serious bit...

According to reports, Islanders are NOT allowed to promote products whilst in the villa, unless it's part of a deal that has been cleared by producers before they enter.

The Mirror Online are reporting that the contract states, "You will not advertise, mention or 'plug' any product or service... (except as directed by us).

"You warrant and agree that you have not entered into any commercial, endorsement or sponsorship agreement(s) or agreed to accept payment or other valuable consideration in respect of your appearance on the Programme...

" (e.g. you haven't done any kind of product placement deal or a deal to wear certain brands of clothing or jewellery in the Programme)."

Of course, some of the Islanders do agree deals before hand, but if they are found to have breached the contract they've signed, they could get kicked out of the villa.

Meanwhile, in other Love Island news, one couple is set to be dumped from the villa on tonight's (Thursday 27th June) show, with Caroline Flack heading into the villa to deliver the news in a bumper 75-minute long episode.

Check out the Love Island rules below:


Love Island rules - STACKED RADIO

Love Island1 of 7

No getting drunk

According to 2017 contestant Kem Cetinay, contestants are allowed one small glass of wine or beer a night with dinner.Being drunk's an absolute no-no, so sex while intoxicated is obviously against the rules too.

Love Island2 of 7

No masturbating

No solo sex acts are allowed in the villa, though obviously allowed to get jiggy with their partner.

Love Island3 of 7

No nudity

Contestants cannot be naked in front of other islanders, since the villa is technically a public space.

Love Island4 of 7

No books, phones or magazines

The islanders are given snazzy phones from their sponsor, Samsung (what else would they get their texts on?); but anyone sneaking their own mobile phone into the villa would risk being removed.Same goes for books and magazines, too.

Love Island5 of 7

No inappropriate language or behaviour

This could cover homophobic, racist or aggressive language and is quite the broad rule. Inappropriate behaviour is again at producers' discretion, and would include violence and sexual harassment.

Love Island6 of 7

No discriminating against staff

Any Islanders who are rude to crew could run the risk of being booted off the show, and contestants must NOT take their mic packs off unless instructed to.

Love Island7 of 7

Follow the rule book

Simple. Contestants must obey the rule book they're provided with; which includes information on safe sex, consent and how to know if you're following the guidelines.

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