The most EXPLOSIVE Love Island bust-ups ever

It makes TOWIE look like Country File, tbh

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Since our own dating lives are about as eventful as a night in with Antiques Roadshow, we like to live vicariously through the Love Island lot. Whether they're coupling up, mugging each other off of going batshit bananas at each other over a Bellini; they're 100% worth giving up eight weeks of our lives for.

Now, 'cause the 2018 series has already been full of awkward af altercations (Rosie Williams vs. Adam Collard, anyone?), we thought we'd look back at the villa's biggest bust-ups. Grab the popcorn, honey.

BELOW: The most explosive Love Island bust-ups EVER...


The most EXPLOSIVE Love Island bust-ups ever

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When things got physical with Malia and Kady

Love island 2016 blessed us with one of the most explosive fights between Kady and Malia. She was the series' newest islander who entered after a surprise date with Kady's beau, Scott Thomas, and was chatting to the girls when Kady 'mistakenly' split wine over Malia. Malia aggressively reacted "did you do that deliberately?"Kady then stood up shouting, "I swear to God, if you want to get rowdy…that's a fking joke. Do you honestly think I'd waste my wine over you? It was a fking accident." Malia replied: "Shut up, you bch. Who the fk do you think you are?", leading to the series first bust up, resulting in Malia being removed from the villa. Awks.

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Malin’s return to the villa to confront cheating Terry

We were all here for Malins clap-back return to the villa after watching cheating boyfriend Terry from the outside, branding him ''muggy as f**k". The makeup artist wasted no time stating "I've been watching everything". "You said you were going to dump me a few days before? You said 'I was gonna dump her anyway'. No you were not. You led me on the whole time we were in there; you were playing a massive fu*king game Terry. Everyone can see it. Your little girl Emma's playing a game too. I can see everything."An unapologetic Terry had a not-so-swift exit after walking off with Malin's sunglasses; having to do the walk of shame back. Oh God.

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Kady, Scott and Tina

Kady found herself in the middle of yet another argument after being banished to another part of the villa with Liv to give new girl Tina the opportunity to get to know Scott. Both girls didn't help themselves when they spent the evening on the balcony screaming abuse at Tina. "you're a c_nt and your dress is SH_T!" Kady screamed as the pair left for a spa date. And then rubbed her bare bottom on a window in Tina's direction. So much for playing it cool, eh?

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Bethany vs. Jess

Latecomer Bethany made a memorable entrance and instantly told the others exactly what she thought. Straight-talking Bethany directed a fair bit of negative energy Jess's way, claiming: "you are in here for all the wrong reasons, you've gone round every guy in here and you've gone for Omar just for the fact that you want to stay in, that to me is fake." Jess blasted the newcomer claiming she had entered the house 'trying to play God.' Jess was then banished to the secret hideaway to escape the wrath of Bethany. Blimey.

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When Olivia took on half the islanders in just her mermaid knickers

Montana was left crying after an explosive argument over Olivia and Sam's failed relationship; causing absolute havoc in the villa. We all thought Sam had it rough after being dumped with the classic 'it's not you, it's me;' but it was Olivia who was left fuming. Montana let her disapproval be known over Olivia's argument with Sam, where she branded him a 'f*ing melt'. "Liv, I'm just going to say it. I just don't think you need to be confrontational," she advised. Things quickly esculated and a livid Olivia let rip, screaming: "You're a fking snake Montana," storming into the kitchen. But Olivia found her second wind to have it out with mediator Marcel, who criticised Olivia for being 'horrible.'

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When Jonny called Theo a 'gigantic bell end'

Series 3 saw the pair have a fall out at recoupling when Theo chose to couple-up with Tyla, who had been persuing things with Jonny. A riled Jonny boy flipped, branding him 'a gigantic bell end,' which resulted in Theo launching for him and Marcel doing his best to break things up. In the Beach Hut, an annoyed Theo branded Jonny 'literally a tuna melt.' Classic.

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Adam and Liana come to blows

After finding out the villa gossip that Adam had said he could 'fu_k and chuck' Liana, she didn't hold back. "Why the f_ck would you say that? Because I'm a stripper? Lads' banter? How's that fu_king banter? I've seen more gentlemen in the fu_king strip club in Magaluf, as if you could f_ck me over. I wouldn't even f_ck you." Just another quiet evening at the villa, eh?

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*That* Scott and Malin moment

It didn't take too long for newbies Alex and James to cause tension in series 2 .When Malin mentioned to Scott that his girl Kady fancied one of the new lads, it quite understandably didn't go down well. An embarrassed Scott immediately reacted threatening: "Why would you fu_king say that? Mind your business. Malin, mate, wait till a girl comes in and you're dead insecure...You're fu_king embarrassing." Nasty stuff.

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Georgia messes with #Kember

After an explosive recoupling that saw Georgia split up power couple Kem and Amber, Amber showed she's not one to shy away from confrontation. She warned: "Don't fu*king speak to me, if anyone's a bell end it's you, babe." She definitely made it clear no one splits up with Kember.

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