Rosie Williams looks identical to this series 2 Love Islander now and we’re SHOOK

We had to do a double take

Rosie Williams now

by Carl Smith |

2018 Islander Rosie Williams may not have left the villa with her soulmate on her arm but she's been smashing the influencing game and last year launched her own office wear label, white collar.

While she's not been on the cover of any magazines recently, we were shocked when we had a scroll through her Instagram and saw some recent pics where she was looking more than a little like a fellow former Islander...

Kady McDermott, is that you?

We can also definitely see a resemblance to 2019 Islander Francesca Allen - it's all in those strong brows, tbh.

What is Rosie Williams' job?

Before she went on the show, Rosie was a solicitor, which was a far cry from pen-selling Jack Fincham, let's be honest. Since her five minutes of fame Rosie makes her money as an influencer and founder of office-wear brand White Collar.

Speaking to Wales online during lockdown, Rosie said, “Being a solicitor was quite a strenuous job and I missed using that part of my brain.

“That’s why I decided to become an entrepreneur and businesswoman and invest in my own company and set up White Collar, which is an office wear brand.

How old is Rosie Williams?

She's 30, having celebrated the big 3-0 on September 26th.

Where's Rosie from?

Glamorgan, South Wales.

Who was Rosie Williams coupled up with in the villa?

Before entering the villa as the third female bombshell on day six, Rosie said, "I want someone who makes me laugh. I don’t like a boring guy who takes life too seriously. I like to experience all life has to offer, so I want someone that I can do that with. And then your typical nice body and nice eyes!"

She went on to couple up with Adam Collard but was dumped from the Island on day 20 when he coupled up with Zara McDermott.

Rosie Williams and Adam Collard 'gaslighting'

During the 2018 series Adam Collard sparked a LOT of criticism for his behaviour toward Rosie when he moved on with Zara - resulting in Women's Aid releasing a statement about how to spot signs of abusive behaviour and Gaslighting, a term used to describe a form of emotional abuse whereby a perpetrator causes the victim to question their sanity by undermining their memories and experiences.

Rosie said in the same interview, “It tests every single emotion that you have - good ones and bad ones.

“When you’re dating somebody on the outside, you see them for maybe a couple of hours one night and a few another. But when you’re in there, you’re with them 24 hours a day - that’s like 20 days rolled into one.

“Your friendships grow quite quickly and you get feelings for people fast and obviously if you end up breaking up with them in the villa, that’s challenging as well.

“I definitely think it taught me things about myself and we call came out as completely different people."

Is Rosie Williams on Instagram?

Uh, duh. Follow Rosie over on Instagram @rosieawilliams.

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