Gemma Owen is ‘obsessed’ with Luca Bish in unaired scenes

"Every time he’s not there, she’s like, 'Oh my God, where’s Luca?'"

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No shade, but we kind of forgot Gemma Owen was even on Love Island - which is SO strange considering, as it seemed the whole of Britain was obsessed with her just last week (seriously, like new nation's sweetheart vibes).

And after heat talking to Love Island's Afia Tonkmor, we've surmised that there may be a perfectly valid reason for that if producers are indeed cutting key Gemma scenes from our screens? Such sacrilege.

Okay, a bit of context before we unleash a Love Island conspiracy theory upon the world.

heat recently caught up with dumbed bombshell (we don't mean for that description to sound as brutal as it does, honest) and Love Island season five's Anna Vakili for our latest episode of heat's Under the Duvet. Not to toot our own horn, but it was a rather juicy ep, thanks to Afia, who not only called out "actress" Ekin-Su following the Jay drama, but dubbed new lovebirds Indiyah and Dami ‘weird’ following Amber and Ikenna's "cold" dumping.

To top that off, Afia decided to share her thoughts on Gemma and Luca's relationship, namely, how "obsessed" Michel Owen's daughter is with the Brighton fishmonger. In a conversation about whether Gemma would ever consider getting back with her ex Jacques – who is getting close to Paige – in the villa, Afia said, "A hundred percent not. A hundred percent not. No, no, no."

She continued, "The second he (Jacques) came in, she (Gemma) was like, ‘I definitely wouldn’t go back there because we ended for a reason’".

Afia justified her point further by throwing a curveball at us, adding, "She's so obsessed with Luca".

The dumped bombshell explained, "She’s just that cool, chilled girl; she’s not showing it. But every time he’s not there, she’s like, 'Oh my God, where’s Luca?'”

Sorry, either Afia has got totally the wrong end of the stick here (to be fair, we get a bit delirious in the sun, too), or someone is keeping these "obsessive" Gemma Own scenes from our screens - and with that, we take issue. We weren't being shady earlier, we've genuinely not seen much of the 19-year-old on our screens since bombshell Ekin-Su strutted into the villa (and out hearts) and, according to Afia, there's footage of Miss Owens pining after Luca. We need the receipts.

What are those Love Island producers planning for Gemma, exactly? Are they shelving her until the time is right?

Okay, we're OBSESSED again.

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