Love Island’s Toby Aromolaran reprimanded for PUNCHING co-star

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Love Island Toby Aromolaran punched Tyler Cruickshank

by Nathan Katnoria |

Love Island runner up Toby Aromolaran has revealed he was told off by producers during his time in the villa.

While eight weeks of crackin’ on and coupling up in the sun sounds like the ultimate summer of fun, the Islanders have to stick to certain rules – like no nudity, no inappropriate language or behaviour and no masturbating – or face being booted out by show bosses.

Contestants can also get pulled into the Beach Hut for a telling off for minor offences like swearing too much or not wearing their mics, and now Toby has admitted he was reprimanded for PUNCHING another Islander.

Love Island Toby Aromolaran punched Tyler Cruickshank
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He spilled the beans about the incident while taking part in an Instagram Q&A with fans when one of his followers asked, “Did you get in trouble with the producers ever?”

Toby replied, “I was good in there, to be honest, compared to everyone else.

“I only got in trouble one time, and that one time was when I punched Tyler round the face. It was by accident!”

He then joked, “Or was it by accident..."

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Love Island Toby Aromolaran punched Tyler Cruickshank
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Toby isn’t the only Islander who received a dressing down from producers as Faye Winter recently revealed she was told off for a VERY unusual reason.

She told Cosmopolitan, “There was one particular time I definitely broke the rules. I was sleeping out on the day bed when Casa Amor happened. It was 5am and it was so hot. I woke up and jumped in the pool straight away.

“One of the producers was like, ‘Faye! How am I going to explain why you’re soaking wet at 5am in the morning?’ So that was one thing I broke the rules on."

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Meanwhile, Toby’s girlfriend Chloe Burrows has revealed what the “real” Toby is like “away from the cameras” after opening up about their time in the villa during a Q&A on her YouTube channel.

Chloe admitted what Toby’s REALLY like when one of her fans asked, “Were there any funny moments which didn’t make the show?”

Referencing the scene where Toby attempted to copy the accents of the Geordie Shore cast, Chloe said, “Do you know what is funny that got aired and I didn’t think it would? Me and Toby in the dressing room, where he’s going, “I’m going out tonight’ and being really sh-t at accents.

“They were doing something downstairs and we were being kept out of the way, but we really thought it wasn’t [being filmed], so that’s actually the real Toby. That’s what he does day to day, away from the cameras.”

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