Love Island’s Chloe on the ‘real’ Toby ‘away from the cameras’ 👀

As she shares some never-before-seen villa moments

Love Island Chloe real Toby

by Nathan Katnoria |

Chloe Burrows is the latest Love Island star to open up about never-before-seen villa moments and she’s revealed what her boyfriend Toby Aromolaran is REALLY like when the cameras aren’t rolling.

The pair had quite the rollercoaster ride in the villa after Toby had his head turned by Abi Rawlings before coupling up in with Mary Bedford in Casa Amor, but he soon realised Chloe was the one for him after returning to from the villa and they’ve been loved up ever since.

During a recent Q&A with fans, which she filmed for her YouTube channel, Chloe spilled the beans on the real Toby when she was asked, “Were there any funny moments which didn’t make the show?”

Love Island Chloe real Toby
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Referencing the scene where Toby attempted to copy the accents of the Geordie Shore cast, Chloe said, “Do you know what is funny that got aired and I didn’t think it would? Me and Toby in the dressing room, where he’s going, “I’m going out tonight’ and being really sh-t at accents.

“They were doing something downstairs and we were being kept out of the way, but we really thought it wasn’t [being filmed], so that’s actually the real Toby.

“That’s what he does day to day, away from the cameras.”

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Following the Mad Movies challenge that showed Teddy talking to Casa Amor bombshell Clarisse Juliette, Faye Winter was left furious. For the majority of the following episode, that was an hour-long, Faye was shouting at Teddy, Matthew MacNabb and even Dale Mehmet. As a result of the showdown, Ofcom received a record number of 24,763 complaints from viewers.

Love Island Chloe real Toby
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Chloe also finally revealed the real reason for the huge red bruise on her thigh during the infamous graduation ceremony scene after it sparked concern with viewers.

Explaining how she received the injury, she said, “So many people asked me about it… when I was graduating getting my nice degree in naughty things, I had a really big cut on my leg and it was because I was chasing Dale [Mehmet] around the swimming pool with ice cubes because he chucked iced coffee on me.

“I was like no, come back here and I ran after him. I fell so badly, I flipped over and cut all up my leg.”

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This all comes after Chloe and Toby admitted babies were on the cards when they appeared on heat’s Under the Duvet with VOXI.

When KISS Breakfast’s Harriet Rose asked what’s next for the pair, she got straight to the point and quizzed them about starting a family.

“Oh 100%,” revealed Chloe, even though the pair famously FAILED the baby challenge in the villa.

“We’d love to do our own show, we’ll call it Chloe and Toby Go Wild,” she added.

Chloe continued, “What aren’t you gonna get! Sign us up. I’d love to do the jungle, that will be fun, I wouldn’t do much though because I am scared of most things.”

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