MAFS Australia’s Matthew Bennett shows off ‘love of his life’ after Lauren Huntriss marriage flop

"I love the way you made my life complete"

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by Lucy Smith |

Matthew Bennett is the Married at First Sight cast member we all wanted to wrap up in cotton wool and protect no matter the cost.

Warning: MAFSA spoilers ahead.

He might not have found his happily ever after with co-star Lauren Huntriss - bless him - but he did lose his V card on the show and, these days, he's looking happier than ever.

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Susie Bradley then

Susie had a rollercoaster of a ride on MAFS. Her husband was trying it on with Jessika, she was supposedly trying it on with Jessika's husband Mick - you couldn't write this stuff.

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Matthew and Lauren's 'marriage' was unsuccessful. ©Nine

Yep, it would seem that all's well that ends well for the 32 year old who, speaking on Lorraine, told the presenter that, "It [MAFS] was a trial by fire.

"I learned a lot and it is because of those lessons that I got the confidence to approach Bela."

Bela, full name Bela Jameson, is the videographer's gorgeous new partner, and she's actually from the UK (London, to be exact).

Sharing a declaration of love for the Brit on Valentine's Day, Matthew took to Instagram, writing, "What I love about you... ❤️❤️❤️

"I love the things you love to learn and the way you speak your mind. I love the things you stand for and the way you are so kind."

He continued, "I love how you look when you first wake up and your smile and your smell.

"But most of all I love the way you made my life complete. Once we met, I'd never forget the girl with the heart so sweet. ❤️❤️❤️

"Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life @belajameson."

It may be a tad cringe but, we have to admit, that was adorable.

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Speaking about Matthew's stint on MAFS, Bela revealed to Lorraine that she didn't know anything about the show when her boyfriend first mentioned it.

She said, "He told me on our first date he had been on TV... I thought 'oh whatever'. Men come out with stuff.

"I thought it was going to have been on Sky 800 and not a big deal and then it turned out to be the most watched show in Australia."

Two years on and it's practically the most watched show in the UK, too 😂.

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