EXCLUSIVE Love Island’s Maxwell reveals WARNING he was given in the main villa

One of the bombshell boys gave Maxwell a warning


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Love Island 2023 has provided us with some truly iconic moments and half of them weren’t even aired.

It’s once the Islanders are dumped from the villa that they spill all the tea and let us know all of the hilarious antics that they got up to when they weren’t making out or making up.

On the most recent episode of heat Dates, Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda were more than happy to chat all about the dramz from inside the villa and offer up the deets on some scenes that were most certainly never shown.

Maxwell and Olivia have to dump a couple from the villa

Olivia starting by confirming that her and Kai Fagan were hundred percent back on talking terms as she said, “It’s nice that I got a friendship out of Tom [Clare] and Kai too.”

Olivia and Kai had a rocky relationship during their time in the villa (to say the least) and after Olivia demanded an apology from her ex, it didn’t seem as if they were ever going to make amends, but the dancer has even chatted to his parents. “I spoke with his mum at Aftersun. She asked for a little photo, she was really sweet,” Liv explained.

Maxwell chats to the boys

But Maxwell revealed that one of Olivia's exes had a talk with him when once they had coupled up.

“Tom gave me a warning,” Maxwell admitted, “He said make sure you treat her right. I said say no more.”

Let us get this straight. Terrace Tom, who went through four different girls during his Love Island stint, including Liv, gave Monogamous Maxwell a warning about treating a girl right.

If there is one thing Tom Clare will always have and that is the audacity.

Terrace Tom might make a move

But it all seems to be in good faith as Olivia claims the northerner "fully" has the girls backs and "it's really nice" that he supports them all.

Supports them all on their way to the terrace so he can make a move, maybe.

We're joking. After his Casa Amor antics Tom does seem to have settled down with Samie Elishi and not only were they voted hottest couple in the villa but the duo are growing with popularity and may well steal the crown from fan favourites Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins.

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