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Nikita Jasmine before plastic surgery

by Marianna Manson |

Married at First Sight UK is in full swing and with it comes a host of new reality stars for us the willing public to obsess over.

One newlywed who seems particularly suited to the role is Nikita Jasmine, who’s pals with Chloe Ferry and Sophie Kasaei and certainly wouldn’t be out of place on Geordie Shore.

Nikita has already caused controversy after it was confirmed she was kicked off the show for breaking Channel 4’s code of conduct when she threw a stage four tantrum at the first dinner party reunion and security were forced to intervene.

Despite being the first star ever to be axed from the UK series, Nikita is making headlines for different reasons this week after old social media photos started doing the rounds online.

Like her Geordie Shore friends, Nikita is no stranger to a touch of filler. In fact, she may well have the same cosmetic surgeon. And predictably, search for “Nikita Jasmin plastic surgery” is flying.

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MAFS UK couples 2021

Daniel and Matt
1 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Despite listing off all of the potential difficulties they could face due to their current living situations, during the final vow renewal, Daniel and Matt confessed their love for each other and chose to continue as a couple outside of the experiment.

Marilyse and Franky
2 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Although Marilyse and Franky didn't have the easiest of rides during the series, the pair declared their love for each other during the final vow renewal, with Franky admitting he was set to move back to the UK from Dubai.

Adam and Tayah
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CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Luke and Morag
4 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Amy and Joshua
5 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Ant and Alexis
6 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 alexiseconomoux Instagram

After splitting from their initial partners, Ant and Alexis found a spark that they were given permission to pursue by the experts. However, the pair quickly realised they were just friends, with both Ant and Alexis deciding to leave the process.

Megan and Bob
7 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

After getting over Megan's kiss with fellow contestant Jordan at the start of the series, Bob tried his hardest to make things work with Megan, but in the end the pair just weren't compatible. Megan and Bob both chose to leave the process during the third commitment ceremony.

Alexis and Jordon
8 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

These two didn't get off to a good start after Jordon admitted during the honeymoon that Alexis wasn't he type. And after he kissed fellow contestant Megan, Jordon and Alexis both chose to leave the show.

Ant and Nikita
9 of 9
CREDIT: u00a9 Channel 4

Following an explosive argument at the first dinner party, Geordie girl Nikita was removed from the show by bosses for 'unacceptable aggression'.

Nikita Jasmine before plastic surgery
Nikita and husband Ant ©Channel 4

When Nikita first met with the experts on MAFS, she was very clear about the kind of man she wanted to marry – specifically, how they would look. She wanted muscles, she wanted a tan, she wanted, bizarrely, veneers.

And when she headed off on her honeymoon with new husband Ant Poole, it became clear that she was plagued by her own image insecurities. Ant was even forced to address it after she incessantly sought validation from him – despite making clear she wasn’t attracted to him.

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So it’s hardly surprising that Nikita has had work done, but why is everyone so obsessed with dissecting women’s ‘before’ pics?

Naturally, in world that tells us there’s only one way to be beautiful and that women’s value lies primarily in how they look, many of us will succumb to the pressures – whether that’s wearing make-up or dying our hair, or going under the knife for cosmetic surgery.

Nikita’s feisty character and bad behaviour has already seen her notable enough to be a sure fire stand out star of the series, so it’s dismaying – but unsurprising – to see her most talked about for the procedures she’s had.


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Many viewers have expressed outrage that Nikita was matched with the mild-mannered and seemingly ‘good’ guy Ant, and her history of cosmetic surgery has only added to the vitriolic narrative against her. People assume she must be vapid, shallow and rude, not just from her demonstrable actions but from the fact that she is clearly image obsessed. People think that she’s “not good enough” for Ant not only because she has treated him badly but because she must somehow be catfishing him because the face she married him with was not the one she was born with.

And people shouldn’t be judging women for being the product of a system we all willingly facilitate and propagate. Nikita can attract valid criticism for a whole host of legitimate reasons – but what she’s chosen to do with her body shouldn’t be one of them.

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