Married At First Sight’s Nikita Jasmine: what has she been up to since her dramatic axe?

She was forced to leave the show after one too many arguments

Married At First Sight Nikita axed

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As one of the most iconic newlyweds to star on Married At First Sight UK, Nikita Jasmine has kept herself pretty busy since she was sensationally axed from the show.

From befriending reality TV royalty to fall outs with Essex stars, Nikita has ensured to keep us all highly entertained. As she makes a return to MAFS for the Christmas special let's take a look back and what Nikita has been up to in the past year.

Nikita Jasmine out and about

Who is Nikita Jasmine?

Nikita refers to herself as a 'Northern bird,' and 'Thai Princess' as per her Instagram. Before starring on Married At First Sight, Nikita worked in sales but now she is more a of a reality TV star and she has an OnlyFans page.

How old is Nikita Jasmine?

Nikita Jasmine is 27, she was born 13 July 1994.

Who did Nikita Jasmine marry?

Nikita married Ant Poole during her time on the romance reality show but the couples have since split.

What happened on Married At First Sight?

During her time on MAFS Nikita wasn't one to hold back from an argument and after causing a few too many scenes, she was removed from the show.

A TV insider revealed, “Nikita just lost it and screamed at everyone around the table. It was over an argument she started, ranting her co-stars were only doing the show for fame – when most of them felt that's exactly why she had signed up.”

They added to MailOnline, “The situation turned really ugly, which was why security had to get involved. Bosses were left with no choice but to remove her from the show."

Married At First Sight Nikita axed
Nikita's exit meant her husband Ant has also left the experiment ©Channel 4

What happened with Nikita Jasmine and Chloe Brockett?

In the reality TV feud of the decade, Nikita started beef with Chloe Brockett from TOWIE when they both took part in Celebs Go Dating. Chloe seemingly claimed Nikita had leaked stories about her to the press on her Instagram Story, "I don't need to say who it is because I'm pretty sure whoever is watching this knows exactly who I'm talking about. I just hope and pray that if this person ever does television again they stop selling stories on their cast members, it's f--king embarrassing.

“I wasn't going to comment because the show ended two, three weeks ago and we stopped filming two months ago but it's still weird that these stories are still coming out and they're still false."

celebs go dating 2022
nikita, chloe, miles and marty ©Instagram

Nikita then responded by saying, "I don't usually do things like this because I can't stand it when people air their dirty laundry repetitively over Chloe Brockett... But because she's b-tching about us relentlessly on her stories and she's not getting the reaction that she wants, this is for her to hear because we both have each other blocked."

Shortly after, all hell broke loose.

As it stands neither of the ladies follow each other on social media and we all know what that means; they're practically mortal enemies.

nikita, chloe, ryan and jess

Was Nikita Jasmine on Celebs Go Dating?

It was onwards and upwards for Nikita who left MAFS and went on to star on another reality show based around romance. Looking for love Nikita joined the likes of Geordie Shore's Marty McKenna and pop star Abz in the search for love. Unfortunately, Nikita was unsuccessful and is still a single gal.

Who is Nikita Jasmine friends with?

Nikita has made friends with countless celebs since she starred on MAFS. She is usually seen to be hanging out with the Geordie shore gang namely Sophie Kasaei, Nathan Henry and Bethan Kershaw as well as Jessika Power from MAFS Australia.

Does Nikita Jasmine have Instagram?

Of course, you can follow her @nikita__jasmine

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Married at first sight season 6 then and now - slider

Susie Bradley then1 of 26

Susie Bradley then

Susie had a rollercoaster of a ride on MAFS. Her husband was trying it on with Jessika, she was supposedly trying it on with Jessika's husband Mick - you couldn't write this stuff.

Susie Bradley now2 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @todd_carney06

Susie Bradley now

Now, Susie's looking happy as ever with her fiancé Todd Carney - they're even expecting a baby.

Billy Vincent then3 of 26

Billy Vincent then

Now we have Billy, bless his cotton socks, he didn't have the most positive experience on MAFS, did he...

Billy Vincent now4 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @billyvincent

Billy Vincent now

But hey, he's looking absolutely FINE now (in all senses of the word). Phwoar.

Tamara Joy then5 of 26

Tamara Joy then

Ahhh, the real victim of the Jessika/Dan scandal. Poor Tamara.

Tamara Joy now6 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @tamara__joy

Tamara Joy now

Moving on and up looks good on you, Tamara x.

Ning Surasiang then7 of 26

Ning Surasiang then

Just when she thought she was ready to relax into her marriage with Mark, BOOM, brutal dumping.

Ning Surasiang now8 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @ning_sura85

Ning Surasiang now

BUT, Ning is doing better than ever now. She's got a new man, she's just become a grandmother - things are looking up.

Sam Ball then9 of 26

Sam Ball then

Now THIS, is a serious transformation. From preppy....

Sam Ball now10 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @who_is_samm

Sam Ball now RIPPED. Seriously, this man is fully on the gains hype and we think we kind of love the shaved head, too?

Martha Kalifatidis then11 of 26

Martha Kalifatidis then

Yesss, one of the couples that are still going strong three years down the line - Martha and Michael

, they're even expecting a baby.

Martha Kalifatidis now12 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @martha__k

Martha Kalifatidis now

Nowadays, Martha is rocking a ginger 'do and she's looking gorg as ever.

Michael Brunelli then13 of 26

Michael Brunelli then

Back in 2018, Michael was giving us grungy, edgy man-bun vibes.

Michael Brunelli now14 of 26
CREDIT: @mbrunelli

Michael Brunelli now

In 2021, he's neatened up his look a bit and we are loving the blonde buzz.

Lizzie Sobinoff then15 of 26

Lizzie Sobinoff then

Lizzie's transformations is one of the biggest, if you ask us. From blonde with big lashes to...

Lizzie Sobinoff now16 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth

Lizzie Sobinoff now

Brunette and...well she still loves a big lash, but we can't blame the gal.

Ines Basic then17 of 26

Ines Basic then

Poor Ines, no one wants to be called the C-word, especially on TV...

Ines Basic now18 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @innnnnnes

Ines Basic now

Thankfully, Ines has moved on from the whole Bronson palaver unscathed and is now living her best influencer life - you go, hun.

Jessika Power then19 of 26

Jessika Power then

Jessika certainly wasn't afraid to stir up the drama on MAFS...

Jessika Power now20 of 26

Jessika Power now

Nowadays, she's switched up her 'do, opting for a bob, and she's even seeing someone new. All that couple-switching on MAFS for nothing, eh?

Dino Hira then21 of 26

Dino Hira then

Bless him, Dino and Mel really didn't have much in common, did they?

Dino Hira now22 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @dino_hira

Dino Hira now

Dino looks pretty similar, these days, but we're loving the unshaven look.

Matthew Bennett then23 of 26

Matthew Bennett then

Looks like Matthew's been hitting the gym since he finished his stint on MAFS....

Matthew Bennett now24 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @mattybgrateful

Matthew Bennett now

He may not be with Lauren, but Matthew is looking FAB and he seems all loved up with his new partner.

Lauren Huntriss then25 of 26

Lauren Huntriss then

Matthew may have told viewers that he wasn't attracted to Lauren, but we think she's looking gorg.

Lauren Huntriss now26 of 26
CREDIT: Instagram @laurenhuntriss

Lauren Huntriss now

Just LOOK at that winged liner.

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