TOWIE’s Olivia Attwood ‘revealed’ as new MTV host and she’s a perfect fit

She's joining Charlotte Crosby in the pilot seat

Olivia Attwood

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The Only Way Is Essex star Olivia Attwood has been "revealed" as the latest reality TV star to join Charlotte Crosby as a guest host on MTV's hit show Just Tattoo Of Us.

The Sun reports Olivia will join Charlotte's boyfriend Joshua Ritchie, former Geordie Shore co-star Chloe Ferry and Lateysha Grace in the hosting role, after Scotty T was axed from the show.

The show's premise is based around two people, either best friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, turning up to a tattoo studio and getting inked up.

The only catch is - the other person has designed the tattoo and they have NO IDEA what it will be.


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Just Tattoo of Us - 10 of the worst tattoos ever

just-tattoo-of-us-charlotte-crosby1 of 10

Charlotte Crosby's cheetah tattoo

Stephen Bear got a half cheetah / half bear design tattooed on Charlotte Crosby's back as a permanent reminder of her cheating on her boyfriend Ash Harrison with him... awks.After Charlotte hysterically cried and threw everything she could see in sight at Bear, it's safe to say she did NOT see the funny side to it at all. Silly Bear.

just-tattoo-of-us2 of 10

The 'SLUT' stamp

When cousins Lauren and Sophie took things too far...Lauren got a 'SLUT' stamp tattooed on her 19-year-old cousin Sophie to 'make a point' because Sophie had slept with four of her boyfriend's friends. Er, we're sure there are more subtle ways to show your disapproval...

just-tattoo-of-us-holly-kyle3 of 10

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie

Kyle Christie decided to get his face tattooed on Holly Hagan's neck, who was his girlfriend at the time, while Holly got two souls tattooed on each sole of Kyle's foot to resemble his grandads that had passed away - obvs this made the reveal pretty awks.Kyle felt so bad that Holly had chosen a sentimental tattoo for him, that he ended up agreeing to get Holly's face tattooed on the back of his thigh. Well played.

just-tattoo-of-us4 of 10

Donald Trump tattoo

23-year-old Cory has to live with Donald Trump's face across his bum for the rest of his life. No-one deserves that.

just-tattoo-of-us5 of 10

The bloody tampon

Alicia designed a tattoo for her friend Louisa right underneath her bum cheek, of a hand pulling out a bloody tampon. Want to know the story behind this one? Alicia said: "she went home with a really really ugly boy and she was on her period and she forgot she had a tampon in, so I had to assist with removing her tampon." Supposedly nobody else knew about the story beforehand... obvs until it was broadcasted on television.

just-tattoo-of-us6 of 10

Hughie and Ryan

Hughie got two fingers in poo tattooed on his best friend Ryan... not too sure why but it all went west afterwards as the boys kicked off, trashed the set and threw water over one another.

just-tattoo-of-us7 of 10

Charlotte Dawson and Katie Salmon

Charlotte Dawson chose a penis with a unicorn to be tattooed on Katie, but as Katie couldn't finish the session because she was in too much pain, she now just has a small penis on her vagina...

just-tattoo-of-us8 of 10

The 'Scissor Sisters'

Friends Alicia and Louisa (aka the tampon tattoo girls) came back for round 2 in the second series... a very brave, and bad, decision.Alicia ruined Louisa's life yet again when got this pretty risqué tattoo designed for her.

just-tattoo-of-us9 of 10

The belly button tattoo

Yep. Some poor man is going to have a permanent picture of a man's bumhole tatted around his belly button for the rest of his life. Your day doesn't seem that bad now, does it.Don't think he'll be taking any topless selfies any time soon...

just-tattoo-of-us10 of 10

Maisie Gillespie dumping her boyfriend

We're not even joking - someone actually got dumped via tattoo.Ex on the Beach star Maisie Gillespie decided to get revenge on her boyfriend, and got this tattooed on his thigh. Savage AF.To make things worse, she tweeted: "DON'T WORRY GUYS ... I'm single. Ollie and I did NOT last long ... couldn't go down on a guy with a skip by his d**k...". Absolutely brutal.

But the Love Island star, who has just got engaged to footballer Bradley Dack, is no stranger to confessing she loves the show.

Back when she was with her ex-boyfriend Chris Hughes, who she met on the hit ITV2 dating show, she tweeted, "If @chrishughes_22 and I did @justtattooofus I know exactly what tattoo he needs."

Her appearance on the show is obviously meant to be.

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The news of the new hosts follows The Sun reporting last year that Scotty T had been axed from the show, lasting just one series, after Charlotte's ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear was also cut from his hosting duties following the pair's break-up.

At the time, a source told the publication Charlotte's current boyfriend, and Ex On The Beach star, Joshua Ritchie, was set to take over the role.

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They said, “Charlotte rules the roost at Just Tattoo Of Us and when she suggested working with Josh on the next series, bosses were keen.

“He’s a good looking lad and they’ve got great chemistry so they’ll work well on screen.

“Some of Charlotte’s friends are worried it could end in tears though. When she worked with Stephen on the show it was too much with them working together and being in a relationship.

“But Charlotte is adamant they make the perfect partnership.”

Only time will tell if it's true he's a guest host...

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