EXCLUSIVE: The Traitors Paul Gorton reveals how to spot a Traitor and it is TASTY

The Traitors legend has revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets

The TRaitors 2024

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If we ever appeared on The Traitors – and it is on our bucket list – we’d like to think that we’d be able to weed out all the traitors in no time at all and send them packing with a sassy remark at the roundtable.

However, in reality, we’d probably be clutching at straws and being duped left, right and centre. But it turns out there is actually a sneaky way to figure out who the traitors are, according to show legend Paul Gorton at least.

We recently caught up with Paul at Magic Radio’s Big Karaoke Party in aid of Cash For Kids, where he let slip the telltale signs that someone is a traitor.

Speaking about the infamous breakfast banquets the contestants are served at the start of every day, Paul explained, “I think a lot of us weren’t really eating. The Traitors weren’t really eating too much because it’s so stressful, so you’re thinking about what you’re going to say.

“We would just try and put a croissant in front of us and some black coffee, but in our brains we’re going, ‘Oh god, are we going to get caught? What conversations should we go and start?’

“Food was the last thing on my mind during the entire time there. In fact, I lost weight when I was there actually. I did.”

Paul and Andrew having breakfast on The Traitors
Paul's spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets about what the cast of The Traitors eat ©BBC/Studio Lambert

So, next time you watch the show, be sure to pay attention to how much everyone’s eating and you’ll suss out the traitors in no time.

We’re always jealous of the big breakfasts the cast get (even if they don’t always eat them) but it turns out the other meals are equally as good.

Paul said, “It was all perfect, yeah. We all had big, full bellies. It was perfect.

“No bad stomachs. Is that too much info? I think that’s fine. My stomach was fine. I was regular the entire time.”

Paul spoke to heat at Magic Radio’s Big Karaoke Party on Cash For Kids Day – and it’s not too late to donate.

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