Paul Knops accused of ‘FAKING’ his Love Island romance with Laura Anderson 😱

He had a 'secret girlfriend'

Paul Knops and Laura Anderson

by Alex Ross |

Poor Laura Anderson didn't have the best time in the Love Island villa, that was until male model Paul Knops walked through the door and swept her off her feet, resulting in the couple finishing in second place behind Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer.

However, just weeks back into reality, Laura and Paul announced they'd split, with Laura now dating Love Island series one star Max Morley.

BUT, in news that has left us shocked to the core, Paul has been accused of 'FAKING' his romance with Laura, with reports suggesting he had a SECRET GIRLFRIEND! 😱😱😱

According to new reports, Paul's now ex-girlfriend was reportedly OK with him going on the show to enhance his popularity, with The Sun exposing text messages between the pair that were sent just days before Paul entered the villa.

A source told the publication, “Paul lived with his girlfriend in New York before he went onto Love Island.

“He got offered the chance to go on the show and was against the idea at first – but knew it would be good for his career. She reunited with Paul after the show finished and he visited her in America after he went to Burning Man festival – which was while he was still with Laura.

“Laura had no idea he was with another woman during his time in the states but they split as soon as he returned."

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Despite the shocking allegations, at the time of publication, Paul is yet to respond.

Meanwhile, Paul's Love Island ex Laura Anderson hinted she'd back with Max Morley yesterday (Wednesday 8th May), posting a snap of the pair together on her Instagram Story.

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