Love Island: Teddy Soares’ ex on why he’s ‘FAKING’ Faye Winter romance

She’s dished the dirt

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by Hannah Mellin |

Love Island’s Teddy Soares may have reached the final alongside girlfriend Faye Winter but his ex-girlfriend has blasted him as “arrogant and vacuous” and has hinted that he is even faking his feelings.

Despite Feddy (Faye and Teddy) being one of the favourites to win the whole show, Flora Waterhouse, who dated Teddy for year in 2017 believes that the pair will not work on the outside world.

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She told The Sun, “Teddy has spent his whole life being told he’s gorgeous.

“But that’s no good if you don’t have the personality to back it up — and he doesn’t.”


“He’s very good at chat and being charming, but he doesn’t have any balls or a backbone. You can see it in the way he just sits behind Faye as she kicks off at others,” she continued.

“He has kept very calm when that has happened. But he would have been seething inside, as he hates not being able to control a situation, and he can’t control Faye.”

Flora then admitted she was shocked when Teddy expressed interest in Faye as he had previously said he "doesn’t like girls who look like they have surgery".

She said, “I was surprised when he went for her, as he told me he hated girls who were fake, and loved the natural look. He told my mum the same thing too. He would say he didn’t even like girls who wore loads of make-up.

“So Faye is the opposite of who I would have expected him to go for. Maybe he genuinely likes her, maybe he’s just in it for the votes. But I don’t think they will last five minutes outside the villa. They definitely aren’t compatible at all.”

Flora’s relationship with Teddy ended when he reportedly demanded she return early from a holiday in Brighton.

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She explained, “Our relationship fizzled out. The final straw came when I went on holiday with my girlfriends.

“He told me to come back or we would be over. So I stayed where I was. We did have some good times, but I was ready to walk away. In the end, dating him was a waste of time.”

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However, a source close to Teddy’s family responded to the claims, telling the publication, “It’s a shame to see Teddy being mischaracterised when he has no opportunity to respond himself. What people are seeing on the show is very much the real Teddy.”

Faye and Teddy’s loved ones surprised the pair in the villa on Sunday night and Faye was left feeling that she had to ‘work’ on her relationship with his brothers following her now famous outburst during the Movie Night task.

Teddy’s brother Carlos called her out for her behaviour after she joked, "I wasn't that bad, was I?" in reference to her behaviour.

"You were terrible," he responded.

Faye screamed at Teddy and called him a "liar" after she saw him admit he found a sexual attraction to Clarisse Juliette in Casa Amor.

Their shocking argument received a record-breaking 24,000 Ofcom complaints but they eventually managed to forgive and forget, and Teddy made Faye his OFFICIAL girlfriend last week.

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