Tom Zanetti spills the tea on ‘set up’ Made in Chelsea

As he joins the show alongside girlfriend Sophie Hermann

Tom Zanetti Made in Chelsea set up

by Nathan Katnoria |

Made in Chelsea newcomer Tom Zanetti has admitted he was surprised by how “set up” the show is after joining the cast alongside his girlfriend Sophie Hermann.

Tom and Sophie met while taking part in the latest series of Celebs Go Dating and have continued their relationship outside of the mansion, with the DJ turning up in the latest episode of the E4 show to surprise Sophie for her birthday.

Now that he’s a fully-fledged reality star, Tom has been lifting the lid on some behind the scenes MIC secrets and it seems that filming isn’t quite what he expected.

Tom Zanetti Sophie Hermann Made in Chelsea set up

“I didn’t know what to expect. But I kind of thought it would be more like [the cameras] following you around and stuff like that. I didn’t realise it would be, you know, like settings, like set up in a way,” he said on FUBAR Radio’s Access All Areas show.

Tom continued, “In a way, yes, it is set up. They’ll set up an amazing setting and a backdrop and then you’re given a topic to discuss.

“That doesn’t discredit it at all. It was set up but, then you’ve got to film it so many times from so many different angles. And then, you get the wides, and then you get the pretties and then you get this and that.”

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And despite the usually picturesque settings, Tom added that life on the show is “not easy at all”.

He said, “These people who are on it, they’re on it for weeks on end and it’s very long days.

“It’s made to look very easy because it looks so beautiful on the screen, but it’s actually like so draining and so tiring. So yeah, it’s not easy at all.”

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Despite Tom’s claims that Made in Chelsea is “set up”, his girlfriend Sophie has revealed her reaction to his arrival was completely genuine – as she had no idea he was coming.

“He actually surprised me a day earlier. So literally the reaction that you see was my reaction,” she told Grazia.

Tom turned up at the rather awkward moment Sophie was being serenaded by Julius Cowdrey and she added, “To be honest, I really regret reacting like that for my for my birthday song. But I was so distracted by Tom and the white teeth of the Colgate Casanova coming in! I completely forgot about the song - but it has been actually been an earworm in my brain since then.”

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