So Too Hot To Handle’s Lydia Clyma was also on Sex Clinic and TMI, hun

She's also appeared on Ibiza Weekender

Lydia Clyma

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In many ways, it’s no surprise these days when the stars of a new reality show have appeared on another series previously. In fact, the ones who haven’t are probably more of a rarity.

So perhaps it should be even less of a surprise (given that the shows have a common theme) to discover that Too Hot To Handle’s Lydia Clyma also appeared on E4’s very open show, Sex Clinic; opening with the line: "I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do."

She's also appeared on Ibiza Weekender, just FYI.

In a show aired last year, Lydia - an MMA cage girl, who enters as a new contestant half way through Too Hot To Handle - popped in to see nurse Sarah Mulindwa (rather than her private, local sexual health clinic, obviously) worried about a recent sexual partner.

‘I think the last person I had sex with probably [got] around, so there’s obviously always a high possibility…’ she says when asked why she’s worried she could have an STI, before admitting that she doesn’t use protection. ‘I feel it’s a guy thing to remember,’ she adds. ‘If I’m taking contraception, that’s their part of the deal.’

In the end, nurse Mulwinda sends her for several tests, including a rectal swab on telly, after Lydia says she’s had anal sex without protection. Though she does clarify: ‘They can’t put it back in the front once it’s been in the back.’ Sure.

In the end, Lydia comes back clear of all STIs, promising, ‘I will now [use condoms], I never want to be this nervous again in all my life.’

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heat - too hot to handle cast

too hot to handle cast1 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/david.birtwistle

David Birtwistle, 30

David is a fitness and nutrition coach from London with a swanky-looking life coaching business. Claim to fame? His ex-girlfriend is now engaged to Hugh Hefner's son.

too hot to handle cast2 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/sharrontownsend

Sharron Townsend, 25

Sharron is a personal trainer and model from the US who was also crowned Mr Pennsylvania in 2018, ooft.

too hot to handle cast3 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/harryjowsey

Harry Jowsey, 21

Harry is no stranger to reality TV, he appeared on New Zealand show Heartbreak Island in 2018. He's a 'cheeky chappy' from Australia and seems like a bit of a laugh, tbh.

too hot to handle cast4 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/haley.cure

Haley Cureton, 20

Haley is a business student and sorority member at the University of North Florida. According to her Netflix bio, she is 'open to building romantic connections with both the boys and the girls.'

too hot to handle cast5 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/korisampson

Kori Sampson,

Kori is a model and personal trainer (another reality TV bingo point) from the UK. From his IG feed we can see he seems to enjoy posing topless. We're not complaining.

too hot to handle cast6 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/brycehirschberg

Bryce Hirschberg

According to his Wikipedia page (yep, this one's legit famous), Bryce is an award-winning actor, writer, director and producer. He's based in LA and also has a debut album on the way, phew we're exhausted just reading about him.

too hot to handle cast7 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/chloeveitchofficial

Chloe Veitch

Chloe is from Essex (another one for the reality TV show bingo) and was once asked to be in a girl band based in South Korea. Random, but we like it.

too hot to handle cast8 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/kelechidyke

Kelechi Dyke

Kelechi 'Kelz' is a senior recruitment consultant and American football player currently living in London. He's described in his Netflix bio as 'an alpha-male who is used to getting what he wants.' Sounds like drama to us.

too hot to handle cast9 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/francescafarago

Francesca Farago

Francesca is a model and travel influencer from Vancouver who's previously dated DJ Diplo. She's vegan, has her own clothing line and seems generally like a bit of a 'cool girl'.

too hot to handle cast10 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/nicole.ob

Nicole O'Brien

Nicole is an Irish marketing consultant based in London, who has previously worked on yachts in Chicago hosting the likes of Kanye West and Jay Z after graduating - that's quite the summer job.

too hot to handle cast11 of 14
CREDIT: instagram/madisonwyborny

Madison Wyborny

Madison is a model based in LA, who shares envy-inducing bikini shots from all over the world on her IG feed. We're obsessed with her hippie/glam vibe.

too hot to handle cast12 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/matthewstephensmith

Matthew Smith

Matthew is an actor and model from Colorado who's now based in LA. From his IMBD page we can see he made his acting debut in The Young and the Restless and has also made appearances in several feature films.

too hot to handle cast13 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/lydiaclyma

Lydia Clyma

Lydia is a social media and TV presenter from Portsmouth who presents cage fighting shows. From the trailer it definitely seems like she gets some snogging action - but who's the lucky guy?

too hot to handle cast14 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/iamrhondapaul

Rhonda Paul

Rhonda is a jewellery line-owner and ring girl from Atlanta. Netflix says 'Rhonda can have any boy she wants and won't let anyone get in her way.' We can't wait to see what she gets up to.

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Lydia is one of three women from the UK and Ireland that appear on Too Hot To Handle, alongside Nicole O’Brien and Chloe Veitch. The show, all available on Netflix now and narrated by comedian Desiree Burch, sees 10 super-hot types on a romantic island… only to then tell them that any sexual contact (including kissing) will cause money to be docked from the £100k prize-fund.

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