The HUGE Married At First Sight UK rule that’s changed this year

One of the newlyweds lifted the lid on the secret rule last year

married at first sight uk cast don't follow each other instagram

by Nathan Katnoria |

Married At First Sight UK returned to our screens this month and we’ve been hooked as we follow the trials and tribulations of the couples, who don’t actually meet each other until they walk down the aisle. It’s pure reality TV gold.

If, like us, you’ve been having a nosy at the cast’s Instagram profiles, you’ll probably have noticed that most of the cast seem to follow each other – which is a major change from last year.

The cast of series five weren't allowed to follow each other on social media (not even their own husbands and wives) until after the show was over, as revealed by Nikita Jasmine last year.

Why the Married At First Sight UK cast don't follow each other Instagram
©Channel 4

Nikita took part in an Instagram Q&A when one of her followers questioned why she and Ant Poole, who she was coupled up with on the E4 show, didn't follow each other on the social media platform.

She then explained that cast members were forbidden from following each other until the end of the series.

Nikita revealed, “None of the cast can follow each other until after the show has ended, it’s in the contract.”

She continued, “A lot of drama happens on the show as you already know, it was pre-recorded so it wouldn’t make much sense if we all began to follow each other now.”

Makes sense, tbh.

Why the Married At First Sight UK cast don't follow each other Instagram
©Channel 4

However, it seems MAFS UK bosses have been a bit more lenient this year as a quick snoop at the Instagram profiles of the cast reveal that many of the newlyweds follow each other on social media.

Duka Cav, who was one of the first cast members to walk down the aisle when he wed controversial star Whitney Hughes, follows most of the other grooms on the show including George Roberts and Richie Dews BUT doesn’t follow his bride. Whitney also doesn’t follow Duka… could this be a sign that they haven’t stayed together?

On the other hand, the show’s first lesbian couple Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton both follow each other. Although we’re yet to see them walk down the aisle, maybe this means they had lasted the test of time and are still an item.

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