Women’s Aid issue ‘warning’ over Adam’s behaviour on Love Island

They say he’s showing ‘warning signs’ of emotional abuse

Love Island

by Ruby Norris |

There’s no denying Adam Collard’s recent behaviour on Love Island is anything other than pretty darn disgusting. As the days go on he’s becoming less of an incredibly good-looking human man and morphing into a slithering, slimy snake-cum-grubby-little-rat-boy. In our opinion.

Viewers have been less than impressed with his treatment of fellow islander Rosie Williams, after he ditched her for newbie Zara McDermott and watched on as she cried over their romance, only piping up to blame her for ‘pushing him away.

And a domestic abuse charity has warned that his actions in the villa may have more serious connotations.

Following an episode earlier this week, which saw Rosie tearfully confront Adam while he silent smirked at her, Women’s Aid issued a statement about Adam’s behaviour.

Adam Collard Love Island

They claimed he was displaying “clear warning signs” of the early stages of emotional abuse, referred to as ‘gaslighting’

In a statement released on 20th June, Women’s Aid CEO Katie Ghose said:

"On the latest series of Love Island, there are clear warning signs in Adam’s behaviour.

"In a relationship, a partner questioning your memory of events, trivialising your thoughts or feelings, and turning things around to blame you can be part of pattern of gaslighting and emotional abuse.

"Last night [19th June], Rosie called out Adam's unacceptable behaviour on the show. We ask viewers to join her in recognising unhealthy behaviour in relationships and speaking out against all forms of domestic abuse – emotional as well as physical.

“It is only when we make a stand together against abuse in relationships that we will see attitudes change and an end to domestic abuse."

Love Island fans on Twitter have also been very vocal about Adam’s behaviour.

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