Zara McDermott QUITS Made in Chelsea 😱

She's taking her career in a new direction

Zara McDermott

by Bonnie McLaren |

As reality TV fans, we were delighted when Love Island's Zara McDermott joined Made in Chelsea as Sam Thompson's girlfriend in 2019. But Zara has now revealed that she's taking a break from reality TV, and would instead like to focus her efforts on making factual TV.

The news follows the release of her documentary on revenge porn, which is now available on BBC iPlayer.

The documentary focuses on Zara's story, as she has been the victim of the crime twice. In it she talks to a number of women who have all experienced different forms of revenge porn. The programme seeks to warn young women about the dangers of sexting, while reminding viewers the person at fault is not the person who sends the pictures, rather the person who shares them without consent.

Zara McDermott Made in Chelsea

Although Zara will no longer appear on Made in Chelsea, she's revealed her boyfriend Sam isn't leaving the show.

"I’ve left. Sam’s still in," she told The Sun's TV Mag.

The pair's brief split last year when Zara admitted cheating on Sam was one of the E4 show's major storyline during the last series, but they've since rekindled their romance.

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So what's next for Zara, then?

"I would like to do more documentaries. I’m bursting with ideas and I think I surprised myself," she explained.

"I was obviously nervous, a year ago. I enjoyed that gratification of helping people. That’s my goal for this year and next year. No more reality TV, it’s hard on the soul."

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Zara previously explained that she wanted to make the revenge porn documentary because she was angry after she went through the horrific experience of having intimate photos shared, not once, but twice.

She told Grazia, “'I think because I was a victim twice. The first time I see it as like you go through processes of grieving.

“I felt so many emotions the first time, and the second time it happened to me I still felt some of those emotions but the anger came through that time.”

The 2018 Islander added, “That anger definitely fuelled me wanting to make this documentary.”

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