Get the viral ‘Glam Pennywise’ make-up look with these beauty products

Pennywise glam is IN this year.

Sydney Purl, Easy Pennywise Glam, Various Spooky Make-Up Items

by Piper Huxley |

Believe it or not, but 'Glam Pennywise' is going to be one of the lewks this Halloween. Stay with us, folks. This is real – and kind of iconic if you ask us…

Take a peek-a-boo at this easy tutorial from Sydney Purl that's kicked off the trend.

With over 247.8m TikTok views and multiple viral vids to boot, it looks like Glam Pennywise will be the next big make-up look this Halloween. Expect to see a Pennywise or two at your Halloween party.

The glow-in-the-dark purge mask is also making a comeback. We’re not such big fans of that one…

Speaking of spooky season, have you got your Halloween costumes ready? If you haven’t made up your mind yet on what you’re going to wear this Halloween, we ask: why not?

Those of us who grab a pair of cat ears every year need to step up our game.

For Glam Pennywise, we're not talking full-on SFX make-up – not unless you’re some kind of undiscovered, secret MUA… we’re talking about being a creepy villain like Pennywise, sexy and creepy - and on a budget.

Pennywise could do with a new look, IMO.

You’re inevitably going to fork out for some of that spenny Halloween face paint that will only be used once. This ends in 2022. You can complete your Pennywise glam make-up look out of what you have in your make-up bag.

Perfecting your Pennywise glam make-up is going to take a good lipstick and a prayer.

Luckily, we’ve got a list of the best buys for a Pennywise glam make-up look.

Halloween make-up inspiration

If clowns aren’t your thing, we’ve got some other scary Halloween villains to yasss-ify:

Freddy Krueger – A classic movie villain, get a brown shadow palette and your best Tracy Beaker-style rugby shirt out.

Annabelle – Completely terrifying, very possible to make glamorous. Use an eyebrow pencil for the marionette lines.

Pinhead – Don’t get any ideas. Stick to lash or nail glue if you want to give this one a go.

Chucky – Think freckles, cutesy round features. But, slightly dishevelled - and most definitely evil.

Jigsaw – Similar to Pennywise. Plenty of white with some black and red.

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