Arabella Chi talks self-care routines, daily wellness habits and the ‘incredible’ £17 skin-blurring hack she learned in the villa

The Love Island All Star talks through her self-care Sunday favourites...

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Self-care will forever be our favourite hobby but we appreciate that recharging and putting yourself first looks different for everyone. Each week, we'll ask the celeb lot to share their ideal self-care Sunday routines, the hard-working beauty products they recommend to their friends and which TV show they're currently binging…

This week it's all about Arabella Chi, the model and influencer best known for bombshellin' on Love Island 2019 and then returning to our screens for Love Island All Stars earlier this year.

Despite allegedly partying with Leonardo DiCaprio and being one of the most beautiful women on the planet, the 33-year-old was loved on the show for being hilariously relatable and a true girl's girl.

As well as her incredible outfits, the nation couldn't get enough of the star's 'Arabella' necklace which she wore religiously on the show. Now, in a full circle moment, Arabella has partnered with jewellery brand Say It With to launch her very own pieces, including the signature name necklace.

We love to see it. 👏

To celebrate, Arabella chats exclusively to heat about her exciting new jewellery collection, the inspiring quote she lives by and the beauty products she loves for filming...

On her Say It With Collection

"I love jewellery. When I was in the villa, everyone was going crazy for my 'Arabella' necklace. I've had so much input into this collection with Say It With, which has been really refreshing because I think sometimes when you do collaborations or work with brands, you don't necessarily have as much input, but when I say I've literally designed every single piece, so every piece has such an important meaning.

"Green is my favourite colour so there's a lot of green throughout the collection. There's the name necklace which is my signature piece.

"I love chunky earrings, I have four piercings on each side, so I'm always such an earring girl and I love stacking my earrings. There's some really nice rings and lots of necklaces you can stack and layer up.

"I did the shoot in Ibiza and it was all inspired by Ibiza as well, which was such a dream to shoot. There's also the 11:11 necklace, which funnily enough I even took a screenshot of when I saw 11:11 last night. I wouldn't even say it's my lucky number but I see this number on the clock all the time, it's just everywhere."

On self-care

What does the ultimate wholesome Sunday look like for Arabella?

"When I'm in the UK, I like going for a nice dog walk in the morning around Battersea Park. Honestly, when I see my dog happy, that makes me happy. Then it would be going to the gym and probably going for a nice brunch or making myself a nice breakfast and then seeing friends.

"In the evening, I like doing a SkinCycles sheet mask or having my nails done, just doing beauty treatments to make it a wholesome day. That would be my ideal self-care Sunday."

On make-up for filming

Arabella looked incredible on Love Island All Stars - so what were the ride-or-die beauty products she relied on for filming?

"I'm not a massive make-up girl, day to day I don't like putting on loads of make-up, I've just never really been like that. Obviously, in the evening I like to wear a full face of make-up, but just day to day I was doing my brows and wearing lip liner and lip gloss. Those are my three products that I swear by and maybe some under-eye concealer because I'm telling you now, we were knackered!

"For lip liners, I use Cork and Spice by MAC and then I use the Dior Lip Glow Oil in Cherry over the top. I love the Shiseido Skin Refreshing Concealer and then for brows, I absolutely love the got2B Brow Gel which you can use for hair gel as well."

Price: £27.20 (WAS £32)

On make-up tips in the villa

Did the star learn any beauty tips from her fellow Islanders during the daily communal glam sessions?

"Yes, the girls got me on to the Huda Beauty Loose Powder and it makes you look incredible. I'm not even joking, if I put that on, it smoothes out all of my fine lines completely. I use the shade Pound Cake."

Price: £17.10 (WAS £19)

On daily wellness habits

What are the everyday non-negotiables for Arabella to feel her best self?

"Drinking lots of water. I try and drink so much water in the day and it just makes me feel so good. Even if I'm tired, I'll have water.

On fitness routines

"I love the gym, I’ve always been a gym girl. I love going to the gym and obviously, when I’m in the UK I walk my dog every day for an hour.

"When I’m in the gym, I love to put my headphones in and do weights. I do love a class, as well, when I’m in Ibiza I go to F45 quite a lot. When I’m in the gym I’m very good at training myself and I think it’s just because I’ve been training since I was so young. I used to have a personal trainer so I learned a lot from him and when I put in my headphones and train, it’s like my own meditation."

On wise words

"Live in the moment. I'm really trying to be more present and aware in the moment."

Quickfire round:

Show you’re currently binging? I recently finished Baby Reindeer and oh my gosh, I've never seen anything like that in my life!

Go-to cuppa? I love a coffee with oat milk.

Go-to loungewear brand? I'm a big fan of a White Fox tracksuit.

Everyday perfume? Byredo Vanille Antique, I've actually just run out!

Go-to takeaway order? Sushi - a Californian roll all the way.

Favourite candle? Anything from Diptyque.

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