The best cream blushers that’ll wake up your face this autumn

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When achieving 'The Glow', a lot of energy is put into gleamy highlighters, THIC moisturisers and illuminating primers. Oh, and getting sleep and plenty of water on the regular also helps.

Though these beauty regimes help immensely when trying to achieve a glow that would put the Bridgerton cast to shame, sometimes a cream blusher is all you need.

And with the return of the colder months making our complexion lack its natural radiance, we have no choice but to begin our quest for the best cream blushers on the market right now.

But before we send you on your merry way, there are a few things you need to know about cream blush. Despite being a popular addition to our beauty regimes, there is still some confusion on where and, more importantly, how you should apply it to your face.

Luckily for us beauty gurus, Space NK's Buying Director, Margaret Michell and Cult Beauty’s Co-Founder, Alexia Inge, spoke to our friends at Grazia, and gave the ultimate guide to applying cream blush.

How to apply cream blusher

Before applying cream blush to your face, Michell recommends preparing the skin with a trusty primer to ensure maximum effects. "This base layer will prolong the lasting wear of make-up", she says.

Next, it's best to prep your product before you apply it straight to your face, then you can start by "lightly dabbing the blush onto the apples of your cheek, and slowly bring it up to your cheekbone".

The best tool to do this with? your fingers. Inge alternatively suggests using a sponge, as she says a "damp Beautyblender, also works really well".

Now you know the basics, here's our go-to guide to the best cream blushers that will instantly transform dull skin.

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