The best hyaluronic acid serums that will leave your skin MOIST (sorry)

Swot up on this skin-plumping ingredient, pronto

best hyaluronic acids

by Aimee Jakes |

Thanks to certain culprits that shall remain nameless (cough, air conditioning and English weather, cough) it's completely normal for your skin to be feeling a little thirsty at this time of year.

If your moisturiser isn't quite delivering the hydration you deserve, may we suggest you try adding a clever ingredient into your skin routine.

An ingredient that smugly holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and keeps that on your skin. Show off.

Say hey to hyaluronic acid, the beauty staple that the skinfluencer lot can't get enough of.

But don't be put off by the mention of 'acid' .

Confusingly, hyaluronic acid does the opposite job to your exfoliating acids and is named after the enzyme that synthesises HA, called 'hyaluronic acid synthase'.

When should you use hyaluronic acid?

You should use hyaluronic acid on your face and neck where you would normally use a serum. For best results, apply AM and PM, after cleansing/exfoliating and before you add moisturiser and SPF.

Cool, so now you're acquainted with the wondrous HA, here are the very best infused serums to add to your bathroom shelf...

The best hyaluronic acids to work into your skincare routine

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The very best hyaluronic acids

Hya acid
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With thousands of five star ratings on Amazon, this high-dosed hya acid is perfect for those wanting a light weight product that packs a punch.One review reads, 'love this, it absorbs into your skin so quickly. My wrinkles have faded, I believe and this seems to give your skin a nice glow super product'.

The Ordinary
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CREDIT: The Ordinary

The Ordinary are known for their super high-quality products that cost a little more than a coffee. This cult-favourite delivers sublime hydration and has added vitamin B5 to increase efficacy.

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CREDIT: Glossier

A cult product and for good reason too. The Super Bounce Serum contains three molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid that soak into skin without any stickiness or residue.One pleased customer said, "You can't pinpoint exactly what about your skin looks different but it just looks better! Super Bounce is now a can't live without product for me."

The INKEY List Hyaluronic Acid Serum
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This simple, no frills serum helps improve skin elasticity and hydration levels. A good cheap alternative if you don't fancy spending £££.

JS skin
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Finally available in the UK, this Caroline Hirons-approved product will change your life. The serum contains sodium hyaluronate (a super effective form of hyaluronic acid) which works to attract and retain water within your skin.

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Oooh it is pricey and we're not suggesting you need to shell out so much for good results, but if you really want the best of best, look no further. The serum is fortified with 10% Proxylane™ (a patented molecule) and botanical extracts of Liquorice Root and Purple Rice, which helps achieve long-lasting hydration and a refined skin complexion.

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