KISS FM’s Daisy Maskell talks insomnia, career advice and her £15 tip for fluffy brows

The breakfast show host talks exclusively to heat about her self-care favourites...

Daisy Maskell talks beauty routines, career advice and her ultimate self-care Sunday

by Aimee Jakes |

We love a bit of self-care and all this time at home has really given us an excuse to look after ourselves inside and out. Each week, we'll be asking the celeb lot to share their Sunday self-care routines, because taking care of yourself is more important than ever.

This week it's all about Daisy Maskell, the 23-year-old host of the KISS Fresh Breakfast Show every morning. As well as becoming a household name in radio, she's hosted live from the BRIT Awards and even spoken at the Houses of Parliament about diversity in media.

The presenter is also bringing out her first documentary with BBCThree this July, named "Daisy Maskell - Insomnia and Me" which will follow Daisy as she digs deep into the roots and causes of her own insomnia.

Daisy chats exclusively to heat about sleep struggles, self-care rituals and advice for anyone wanting a career as a radio presenter...

On self-care Sundays

Daisy Maskell

As well as 'binge-watching every single show in the last 12 months' (lol, SAME) Daisy uses a self-care Sunday to really indulge with DIY scrubs and mammoth skincare routines.

"I love a Sunday, for me, it was always a really special day of the week. Even when I was at school, it was the day that you wash your hair and you paint your nails! I guess for me, it starts with skincare. Skincare is something that I've only recently gotten into over the past year or two and I think lockdown definitely helped that, we could all stay at home with our face masks on and we're really enjoying the days you didn't have to put on any make-up."

Another non-negotiable for Daisy is a hot bath.

"I'm moving into my first place and that was actually one of the things that I said to the estate agent, it needs to have a bath because I enjoy them so much! Once or twice a week I'll put a scoop of coconut oil in my bath and that just really allows it to soak into the skin. I also make a coffee scrub, which is really really good for cellulite and stuff like that. It's literally just coffee, coconut oil and sea salt, I keep them in little jars."

On insomnia

Daisy Maskell

Daisy's BBC documentary will focus on her battle with insomnia, a common disorder that makes sleep very difficult, as well as breaking down the stigma around sleep conditions. She explains how insomnia cases have risen during lockdown and that it's important to discover what may be triggering it.

"What has been really interesting to see is the rise of cases in insomnia since lockdown, they've literally skyrocketed and there are so many people dealing it. It mainly affects people in the age bracket 16 to 24 and it can absolutely ruin lives. I think for me, personally, in the documentary, I sort of go on my own journey to find out the trigger and the root cause, which was very much things that existed in my childhood. But we also met people along the way, whose triggers are completely different a lot, a lot of those people had their insomnia triggered by lockdown."

Daisy shares how the biggest takeaway from the documentary for her was discovering how intertwined sleep disorders and mental health problems really are.

"They sort of go hand in hand and sometimes it's difficult to pinpoint what started first, whether it was an underlying mental health issue that may have caused insomnia or vice versa. But it's really serious and the way in which it can ruin people's lives are really, really sad."

It can be tempting to suggest things like pillow sprays or candles to someone who suffers from insomnia and although they don't cure sleep conditions, they can help create a relaxing environment, says Daisy.

"Running a long bath, or lighting candles, or using pillow sprays, those can help for some people, and then they cannot help for others and those things, in particular, didn't help for me. But I do use those things every night just to create a nice environment for me to go to sleep."

"I think a massive misconception also that we learned surrounding sleep, is that we are told that everyone needs eight hours and if you're not getting eight hours, and you're not getting enough, and that is an absolute myth. Everyone needs a different amount of sleep and eight hours is is not the goal for everyone. For someone like me, a good night's sleep is four hours a night, which is obviously significantly less, it's half of what is recommended. So when we're pushing for people to sleep for eight hours, it creates almost an anxiety around the fact that in my case, I would have to be doing double that amount of time and that's just too much sleep for me. So it's also not about putting too much pressure on yourself."

If you are struggling with insomnia or sleep conditions, check out for advice, tips and helpline info.

On skincare

The radio presenter shares how she's really embraced skincare since lockdown and stresses you don't need to spend lots of money to get results: "it's really trial and error to see what works for you."

"I really invested in a few skincare products that I've really seen a difference in. I use a lot of the Zein Obagi products, he does a great face mask, the ZO Skin Health Sulfur Masque that's really nice.

"I really love micellar water to take off all of your makeup, but I think the biggest thing is to not stop there just because your make-up is visibly gone from your face. Go in with a cleanser. I'm very big on flannels and I like a traditional face wash, so I'll lather up the Shea Moisture Black Soap (£6.24) to get off all of that make-up and it's really inexpensive.

Shea moisture Organic African Black Soap Bar with Shea Butter

On her favourite make-up tip

Daisy Maskell

For Daisy, it's all about the natural, fluffy brow.

"My brows were awful growing up and I look back at pictures now and I cringe, I guess as everyone did. But I think natural brows can really really change an entire look and that's something that I've learned over time through trial and error. I really love Soap Brows (£15) at the minute for feathered brows. Even just running a brow gel through my eyebrows is good enough. It has definitely changed from me filling them in really heavily with an eyebrow pencil."

Soap brows

On getting into radio presenting

Daisy Maskell with Little Mix

"For me, it happened quite naturally and it wasn't necessarily something that I thought I would I would go into. But then when I sort of look back to my childhood, my grandparents used to look after me a lot. So I would always read the newspaper to them and pretend to be a newsreader, which is, I guess, is sort of similar to what I do now. But for me, I just enjoy talking to people and I think if that is you, then it is obviously the perfect industry for you because I do a breakfast show on my own and it requires you just talking to seemingly yourself a lot."

What advice does Daisy have for anyone who fancies getting into radio presenting?

"I think it's just getting yourself out there. You can have a massive amount of imposter syndrome, which can be really, really real, which can really prevent you from thinking that you're good enough, which will ultimately prevent you from achieving and succeeding.

"There is a space for everyone, that's what's really important as well. So reach out to people you know, I always say I'm always there for people to message and for people to chat to on a one to one with advice, because there is space for everyone and I think everyone has something to bring to the table, that's the most important thing to remember your worth.

"For me, I made a showreel and I did the old school approach. I dropped it down at different radio stations, KISS included and different production companies, different TV channels. And this was a showreel that I made with my friends, it was very, very amateur, I didn't spend any money on it at all. I think I filmed most of it in my bedroom. You can film sort of YouTube-style videos about you talking about the things that you like most, whether it be music, whether it be beauty or anything. That true passion will really, really come through and just get that out there."

Quickfire round:

Show you’re currently binging? Ugly Betty on Disney Plus, it's such a throwback.

Go-to cuppa? I'm quite specific with my tea. I have Earl Grey tea with a little bit of milk and no sugar.

Go-to loungewear brand? I love Bo+Tee.

Favourite face mask? The Zo Obagi Sulphur Mask.

Go-to takeaway order? Singapore noodles, I love Chinese.

Favourite candle? Anything from Diptyque.

"Daisy Maskell – Insomnia and Me” coming soon to BBCThree and Presenter Daisy Maskell hosts the KISS Fresh Breakfast Show, listen every weekday morning from 8am on

Follow Daisy on Instagram @daisylmaskell and Twitter @Daisy_Maskell_

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