Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe shares her secret for ridiculously dewy skin

It's all about the 'hydration sandwich'...

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Achieving The Glow is a full-time job and it's extremely time-consuming. However, luckily there are plenty of experts who are happy to share their expertise so we normal folk can glisten like a glazed doughnut. Or the Made In Chelsealot post a wellness weekend in the Cotswolds.

Enter Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe, an award-winning medical and cosmetic doctor and founder of Skndoctor. Ewoma is also working with Superdrugto highlight that a good skincare routine doesn't need to cost the earth, nor do you need to complete 283203 steps. Say it louder for those at the back.

To celebrate the launch of Superdrug's skincare school, we caught up with Ewoma to chat about budget-friendly retinol, PM routines and of course, her top tips for gleamy skin...

Trust us, the answers are screenshot worthy.

So, what's the tea. Which skincare products can we scrimp on?

Dr Ewoma Skincare

I feel like people don't know what they should spend a lot on and what not on. I definitely think when it comes to things like cleansers, you really don't need to invest a ton of money because they're only on your skin for a temporary amount of time - may be 60 seconds.

Products that you really should spend money on are products that do spend quite a bit of time on your skin - of course, like serums because you actually want it to really do something and so therefore it's really important that the formulations and the quality of the formulations and ingredients are actually where you need them to be. More often than not you're only going to get that where you have invested a bit more money.

What are your favourite budget skincare buys?

Yes! From Superdrug's B. skincare range - I love theInstant Foaming Cleanser. It has a really gorgeous foamy texture and it's got a bit of chamomile extract. Sometimes I find that foaming cleansers are just nothingness when you put them on. However, when you rub this one in between your hands, it really develops into a nice thick, substantial cleanser.

I also love its sister product - theB. Creamy Foaming Cleanser. What I love about the cleanser is that it has added salicylic acid but at the same time it's not drying. So it's perfect for those that have more of an oily skin type or are suffering from breakouts.

Your skin is glowing! Teach us! What are your top tips for achieving dewy skin?

Dr Ewoma shares her top skincare tips

First of all, you can only get glowy skin if you're consistent with your skincare routine. People often think they can put on glowy skin like a make-up look, it doesn't work like that. This is the manifestation of consistently showing up for my nighttime and daytime routines and that's when, yes, you can just pull glowy skin out of the bag. But I think people don't realise that it does take consistency and a lot of work behind it.

And second of all - exfoliation is absolutely key. Prioritising exfoliation, whether it be physical or chemical, though my preference is chemical. But not too much.

My next tip is layering hydrating moisturising products. So I call it my hydration sandwich, where first of all, I cleanse my face. Then whilst my face is still somewhat damp, I go in with the mist and then after that I would then put on my favourite moisturiser.

The day creams from the B. range are perfect for this - i.e. the Day Cream with SPF 30- or often what I like to do is use a night cream during the day. I do that because it's much thicker and then you can pack on the glow with a thicker product like that. The whole daytime/night-time - I don't really prescribe to that if I'm honest. Controversial, but I like to use whatever product gives me what I need. Then after moisturiser, I would put on a couple of drops of facial oil.

I also love retinol, retinol is my BFF. Everyone on my Instagram knows that I'm obsessed with her. Why? Because she does so many different things. Everything from improving texture, improving hyperpigmentation, obviously fine lines and wrinkles. And I would definitely say that's the one thing that has made me not look my age. I've been using it consistently since I was about 23.

I love the Optimum Retinol Serum Extra Strength 0.3% for when I'm not using prescription-strength retinol.

Away from retinol, I like to use microcurrent skincare devices. That works wonders for giving a glow and lifting the skin - particularly when you feel a bit saggy. Then of course injectable treatments like filler and then just having a really balanced lifestyle where possible.

What about primers? Should we invest in a glowy primer?

To be honest, with make-up, I don't wear primer half the time. There's certain products that I know work for me and give me that primer like finished to my skin. It's just all about the skincare.

What does your current pm routine look like?

It varies - contrary to what people believe, it's not a ten-step routine because half the time I can't be bothered. In winter, my skin is hella dehydrated but usually, I have a normal/oily skin type. And in and around my period, I get little spots around my chin.

In terms of the routine - it depends on the day. So the days that I want to focus on hydration, that's when I would do a mask. I only do one about once a week. At the minute I love theAHC Aqua Essential Sheet Masks .AHC is an amazing, best selling Korean brand. This mask? My skin drinks it up!

After doing that I would top up with my favourite hydrating serum. which is the AHC Hydrating Korean Skincare Aqualuronic Face Serum. It has gorgeous ingredients including hyaluronic acid, ceramides and a hint of fragrance, but nothing overwhelming.

I would then go in with a really thinck moistuirser and using a bit of squalane oil as well. If my skin is feeling especially dry, I'll slug with a bit of Vaseline, especially over my eyelids and around my mouth, which locks in hydration.

On the days when I'm breaking out or feeling a bit oily, I'll use a zit sticker. I love the Starface Hydro-Stars Spot Stickers Kit and they actually do work. Then I'd go in with a niacinamide serum and then I would skip moisturiser.

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