The best foundation match for your skin type

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The best foundation match

by Lily Anderson |

Finding the right foundation for you is so difficult… I've tried pretty much every option out there from budget-friendly to make-up artists' lines and everything in-between.

To help you find the best foundation match for your skin type, I’m going to fill you in on the 411. Henny, I'm about to spill the tea so get comfy…

It's all about you:


No, I'm not quoting the McFly song - choosing the best foundation match for your skin type is all about you!

Top tips for oily skin:

If your skin is oily or prone to outbreaks, don't choose a foundation that has loads of oil in it, this will just leave you shining for days. Not only will you look like you've just been dipped in a bucket-load of highlighter, it'll probably also cause more blemishes (yikes).

PSSST... Try bagging a full-coverage foundation that isn't thick. This will stop your pores from clogging up and reduces the risk of a breakout. Win-win!

Top tips for dry skin:

If you have drier skin than the Sahara Desert, I got you girl! You need to be on the lookout for moisturising ingredients, especially in the winter. Even cranking up the heating can affect whether you look on fleek or not. Cue sassy arm emoji.

All that's left to do now is to scroll down and shop from our favourite foundations:

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Tips, tips, tips:

My tips don't lie! So, I've brought some more to the table to help you on your foundation journey. Dupes and all...

Stick foundations are easy to apply and give full coverage very quickly. YASSSS! Finally a foundation made for doing your make-up on the bus.

Use a liquid foundation with full coverage for a matte finish, using blotting paper to remove any shine, or finish with a light translucent powder. Just make sure you don't put it on your lips! Leave the Dream Matte Mousse look back in 2005. 👋

Long-lasting foundations are fab for the re-appliers. I see you looking into your front camera and you don't need any more powder. Just swap to the right foundation and it'll stay put.

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