The £8.85 primer the Love Island lot swear by for gleamy skin

Chloe Burrows, Kaz Kamwi and Mary Bedford used it every day in the villa

Chloe Burrows Weleda Skin Food

by Aimee Jakes |

It's officially hibernation season, so what better time to feel nostalgic for the roast dinner-spewing Love Island cast of summer 2021. The drama! The bikinis! The brazen partner swapping (cough, Toby Aromolaran, cough!) It was perhaps our favourite season, ever and we don't say that lightly.

Turns out, the Love Island girls from this summer all had one thing in common (and no, not sunburn or handmade iced coffee rustled up by Hugo Hammond).

They all used the same make-up primer for gleamy, glowy skin that looks like you've just ventured to a fancy Cotswolds spa.

Enter Weleda Skin Food (£8.85), the worst-kept beauty secret from Love Island. It's a multi-purpose cream that can be used as a moisturiser, skin salve or overnight treatment. However, the Islanders use it as a gleamy primer for that undeniable sheen.

Mary Bedford Weleda skin

It started with Mary Bedford who discovered that Weleda Skin Food doubles up as the best make-up base when working as a model for Boohoo.

She revealed all in a YouTube video, "This is so hydrating, nearly everywhere I work [as a model] uses this on me, it must be the best thing to use."

More Love Islanders have since delcared their love for the £8 cream, with Chloe Burrows deeming it "bloody brilliant" and Kaz Kamwi telling heat, "the rest of the girls got me into it, I use it as a primer and it's so good. It really hydrates the skin and gives you a glowy, healthy look."

A cheap and cheerful beauty recommendation that will work even more effectively in the winter months? Sold.

The Love Island stars may be quick to discover the brilliance of Weleda Skin Food as a primer, but they are not the first. Oh no. In fact, Love Island runner-up and PLT Creative Director Molly-Mae Hague has spoken out about the green-coloured tube on her channel.

She told her subscribers, "My make-up artist Holly, well when we're allowed to do make-up, she always uses this on me."

She adds, "It's a super, super, thick product and it's quite oily. If you have oily skin I don't know if this will be for you, but your skin feels so so moisturised and hydrated when I use it."

Olivia Attwood and Victoria Beckham have also sworn by Weleda Skin Food. Sorry, but have we just discovered the most in-demand beauty product, EVER?

Weleda Skin Food

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Weleda Skin Food isn't just loved by Love Islanders, but Spice Girls, too. Victoria Beckham is such a fan she stocked up on Weleda Skin Food backstage at her SS20 fashion week show to ensure the make-up artists had all they needed to give the waiting models a glow-up.

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