Love Island’s Chloe Burrows shares her ‘bloody brilliant’ £11.99 secret for dewy skin

It's a complete cult favourite

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by Aimee Jakes |

The Love Island 2021 lot really do know a thing or two about beauty.

From Faye Winter's mood-altering brown lipstick (a work of art) to Sharon Gaffka admitting she nabbed some Liz Earle products from the villa (a girl after our own heart) we are gulping down their tips like Hugo Hammond's infamous iced coffee.

Now, Chloe Burrows has shared exactly how she achieves such radiant skin and it's all thanks to a £11.99 Amazon product...

In her most recent makeup routine YouTube tutorial, there were no secrets kept because Chloe let us into her FAVE things, from primer to mascara and beyond.

Chloe Burrows on Youtube
Chloe Burrows on Youtube

The very first product she picks up is the Weleda Skin Food (£11.99) that celebs including Molly Mae, Olivia Attwood and Victoria Beckham have been huge fans of - so, it's no surprise that Chloe is a fan of it too.

She goes on to say she loves wearing the thick moisturiser when "the temperature drops by like four degrees". Get your winter skincare ready, pals, because Chloe keeps "going back to it" and has "about 10" in her make-up bag.

Where do you get the must-have product, you ask? Well, you can snap it straight off of Amazon for less than £12 right now. Get your shopping bags ready, pals.

Weleda Skin Food

The all-purpose cream can be used as a moisturiser, lip balm or even to hydrate your knees, but the celeb lot are loving it as a glowy primer that achieves that 'just been to a Cotswolds spa' GLEAM.

This is a continuous fav for Chloe, who previously showed off the skin food choice previously in a YouTube video titled, 'MY BOYFRIEND DOES MY MAKEUP CHALLENGE!!' from last year Toby Aromolaran hilariously applies Chloe's go-to products with as little help as possible. The content for The People.

Chloe does however interject when Toby goes to apply her foundation (Nars Sheer Glow, FYI) and forgets a crucial step - a glowy primer.

"What is the primer?" Toby asks with the same level of confusion as we had in GCSE Chemistry.

Secrets out, because gleamy queen, Mary Bedford recommended it to her. "Well, Mary actually got me into this on Love Island," Chloe tells her Love Island beau. "It's the Weleda Skin Food (£8) and it's bloody brilliant."

Chloe Burrows swears by Weleda Skin Food for glowy skin

We hope you're taking notes.

Fellow Islander Mary also spoke out about Weleda Skin Food and said, "This is so hydrating, nearly everywhere I work [as a model] uses this on me, it must be the best thing to use."

She's not wrong. Everyone from Molly-Mae Hague and Olivia Attwood to Victoria Beckham swear by the product.

BRB, off to stock up. Buy Weleda Skin Food.

Check out the full-size here or you can even grab a Weleda Skin Food from Amazon for just £3.88.

Which foundations do the Love Island contestants use?

Mary Bedford and Clarisse Juliette: the pair are now besties since leaving the show and even use the same foundation, with both swearing by the Hourglass Vanish Stick (£45). A product so good that Mary even gifts it to her friends at Christmas.

Lucinda Strafford: she used to be a firm fan of the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation(£31) but when it didn't arrive on time for Love Island, she tried Dior's Forever Skin Glow Foundation (£39) and fell in love. "I've already ordered another," she told heat.

Faye Winter: the Devonshire lass has a dedicated make-up artist who opted for the Fenty Beauty Hydrating Foundation (£22.95) when creating her flawless Pride of Britain Awards look.

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