Balletcore has been revealed as the top spring fashion trend for 2022

Here are the pirouette-worthy bits to add to your wardrobe...

Balletcore aesthetic - Three balletcore outfits on a pink background

by Ruby Barry |

Angelina Ballerina. Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. Wind-up jewellery boxes. No, we are not spiralling into a pit of nostalgic bliss, we are talking about the beginnings of ✨ Balletcore✨.

Our Noughties childhoods' certainly made us obsessed with ballet, and we're not sorry for it.

Some of us went on to become ballet dancers and put blood, sweat and tears into our craft, whilst others chose instead to watch Black Swan from the sofa and eat popcorn (aka us). No matter which path you took, every Noughties girl has a special place in their heart for ballet, because we all treasure our inner childhood Sugar Plum Fairy. First position, please.

It's no surprise then, that the number one fashion trend named for spring 2022 on Pinterest is Balletcore, a fashion trend taking over the interwebs. With a 1566 per cent search volume increase for the "Balletcore" aesthetic since the start of the year, it's fair to say this is a fashion trend worth exploring. So, we've got the ultimate guide to how to integrate Balletcore outfits into your wardrobe this spring, covering tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. But first, let's talk about what Balletcore actually is.

What is Balletcore?

Balletcore is the hottest new aesthetic taking over Pinterest and TikTok. So, what does the trend entail? Nick Drewe, Trend Specialist from WeThrift explains: "It’s a mix of leotards, wrap sweaters and tops, flared leggings, ballet flats, cardigans, paired with tulle skirts and of course, leg warmers."

"Essentially, the aesthetic is about embracing the body and feeling comfortable. The trend sits close to athleisure, a category that has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. But Balletcore embraces a softer, more feminine and layered approach."

Furthermore, COO at Bloch (aka Ballet central) Cathy Radovan had this to say on Balletcore: "The Balletcore trend has soared in popularity on TikTok and among influencers over the last few months, showing the much-needed combination of elegance and comfort in post-lockdown life.

This style is not only exclusive to dancers and fitness lovers, as wrap skirts and the revived popularity of ballet flats and legwarmers are all over social platforms. Balletcore has spread widely throughout fashion powerhouses, too, with designers such as Miu Miu and Simone Rocha elevating the trend."

Essentially, Balletcore is all about embracing your inner feminine goddess. We love to see it. 🙌

Right, let's pirouette into this ish.

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Balletcore: Our top picks to update your wardrobe for 2022

Ladies Alexis Double Strap Leotard
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CREDIT: bloch

Tops & BodysuitsLet's start off with leotards, aka, Balletcore 101. Although leotards are obviously used by real ballerinas as they dance, they can also be worn as bodysuit-style fashion pieces. This double strap option from Bloch gives the essence of a ballerina look whilst also being stylish enough for a everyday look. This leotard is available in black, jade or purple.

Beige Cold Shoulder Mesh Bodysuit
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CREDIT: missguided

Bodysuits have the same vibe as leotards, but they can offer more variations in fabrics and designs. This cold shoulder number from Missguided has a perfect blend of Balletcore and Softcore. This bodysuit is available in beige or sage.

Blue Double Layer off the Shoulder Bodysuit
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CREDIT: boohoo

Ballerinas are athletes first and foremost, and this bodysuit is giving us major athleisure wear energy, whilst still being sleek enough for Balletcore.

Open Back Ribbed Knitted Sweater
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This open-backed top combines several Balletcore elements- pastel colours, cutouts, and bows. This top is available in yellow, pink, blue, black and beige.

Topshop Long Sleeve Ballet Wrap in Blue
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CREDIT: asos

Or how about this wrap around ballerina top from ASOS, which looks like it came straight out of Black Swan?

Knitted Long Gloves, Koly Women's Warm Winter Stretchy
6 of 33
CREDIT: amazon

You can't have a Balletcore lookbook without some arm warmers, which are predicted to be very popular in 2022. Arm warmers are popular with ballerinas as they keep their muscles warm between training breaks.These armwarmers are available in white, khaki, navy or red.

Ladies Georgette Wrap Ballet Skirt
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CREDIT: bloch

SkirtsOn to the bottoms now, and the classic ballerina skirt. In training, these are worn over leotards to give elegant movement during performances, but if you're just popping out to brunch with the gals, wear this with some white leggings underneath. This skirt is available in deep breath white, aubergine, berry, black, burgundy, forest green, grey, light pink, navy, royal blue and turquoise.

Women Lace Long Skirt
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CREDIT: etsy

Balletcore is all about the lace; the more airy-fairy the fabric, the better. We love this long skirt from PaulNichDesign and reviews do too, with one stating, "Beautiful skirt and very high quality!! It has beautiful intricate detailing and is light and perfect for spring. The one thing I would say is that it is slightly see through, unless you wear beige undergarments. Great product all in all and absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for spring and summer. I highly recommend!!"This skirt is available in white, black or beige.

High Waisted Layered Tulle Ruffle Midi Skirt Pink
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CREDIT: lily lulu fashion

We'd love to be able to wear a ballerina tutu in everyday life, but sitting down in a chair with a skirt that wide may prove... difficult. Therefore, invest in a layered long tulle skirt that still screams Balletcore. It is also lined with a shorter skirt inside, so you don't need to fret about exposing your...plié to anyone. This skirt is available in pink, black, grey, brown, green, dark red, dark grey and cream.

Adults Long Chiffon Ballet Skirt
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CREDIT: fruugo

Warning: wearing this chiffon skirt will make you spend all day gleefully swishing it back and forth. You may not get much work done.This skirt is available in white, burgundy, grey, light blue, navy blue, pink and black.

Collusion Contrast Seam Acid Legging Flare Co-ORD in Purple
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CREDIT: asos

If skirts aren't your thing, never fear. Flared leggings are also totally Balletcore, especially in light, pastel colours.

Ballerina Core Knit One-Piece Pink Diamond Strap Aesthetic Mini Dress
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CREDIT: etsy

DressesWear your delicate, feminine energy with pride with this stunning handmade dress from TheFashionWeeb, with bejewelled straps, and a structured skirt.

White Tulle Ruffle Bandeau Mini Dress
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CREDIT: missguided

Channel the ballet, The Nutcracker, by looking like an actual Christmas cracker. This beautiful ruffled tulle dress is perfect for a spring garden party. This dress is available in white and pink.

Nina V-Neck Short Sleeve Wrap Dress
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CREDIT: cupshe

If you want to Balletcore-a-fy your wardrobe, then a wrap dress is essential. This is a gorj option from Cupshe, with a flared skirt and pleated sleeves.

Nude Satin Long Sleeve Wrap Dress
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CREDIT: pretty little thing

Or, if you want something more sultry for a night out, this nude satin number is ideal.

Ladies Footed Tights
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CREDIT: bloch

Another Balletcore staple is coloured tights, especially the white or pink variety. These professional tights from Bloch have a ton of subtle colours to bring a look together- plus if you wanted to do a pirouette in them, you could. These tights are available in ballet pink, black, bloch tan, coffee, pink, salmon, suntan and white.

Wilotick Winter Knit Crochet Women Girls Knee High Leg Warmers
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CREDIT: amazon

You've got your arm warmers, but what about keeping your legs nice and toasty? Grab some budget-friendly leg warmers here, and live your Angelina Ballerina fantasy. These leg warmers are available in white, black, deep grey and light grey.

iets frans... Blue Leg Warmers
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CREDIT: urban outfitters

Or why not spend a bit more on these hella-stylish cobalt blue leg warmers from Urban Outfitters?

Ladies Lydia Long Sleeve Shrug
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CREDIT: bloch

Shrugs & CardigansA short cardigan that ballerinas wear whilst practising, is it time shrugs hit the mainstream? This shrug is available in light pink or black.

Jordan Lipscombe X Missguided Beige High Neck Extreme Crop Arm Warmer
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CREDIT: missguided

Also popular in the rehearsal room for ballerinas are these extreme cut-out jumpers that sit over your sports bra. These are super chic and have already made an appearance on influencer pages in previous years.

Recycled Knitted Wrap Cardigan
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If you'd prefer a wrap-around cardigan to go over your bra or vest, then you do you boo. This recycled knitted cardigan is made from sustainable materials ud83dude4cud83cudf0e. and is available in pink, beige, blue, green, off-white, red and black.

Vila Knitted Wrap Detail Cardigan in Pink
22 of 33
CREDIT: asos

Or get this knit-tastic option from Vila, perfect for spring. ud83dudc90

Truffle Collection Wide Fit Easy Ballet in Yellow
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CREDIT: asos

ShoesIf it wasn't obvious already, Balletcore calls for... wellies. Or ballet flats. Probably just ballet flats...

Asos Design Locus Round Ballet Flats in Beige
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CREDIT: asos

Another option from ASOS are these beige ditties. With a round toe and bow detail, you can't go wrong with this classic.

Ladies Amalthea Ballet Pumps
25 of 33
CREDIT: bloch

Or splash out and get these Amalthea ballet pumps, made with a microfibre upper, high gloss finish and cushioned teardrop heel and elastic drawstring allowing for a customisable fit.These flats are available in pink gloss, blue gloss and white gloss.

Suede Stain Resistant Faux Fur Lining Boots
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After spending their days in uncomfortable ballet shoes, ballerinas often opt for UGGs as a treat for their feet. Don't want to spend all of your money on original UGGs? Get these amazing dupes from M&S for a fraction of the price, in chesnut or grey.If you want to know more about the best UGGs dupes to find online, we've got you.

Winter Super Soft Ear Muffs
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CREDIT: etsy

AccessoriesAccessories mean you can add little Balletcore touches to any outfit. For example, pop some cute ear muffs on, and you'll look like you're headed to ballet practice (without the actual gruelling work included.)

Pleated Chiffon Hair Bow Clip - White
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CREDIT: claire's

Many of us who did ballet, or any type of dance as a kid, will remember the memories of our parents pulling back our hair into tight buns with bows with less-than-fond feelings. However, don't let that experience scar you from experimenting with bows as an adult.

Darling Pearl Bow Pony
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CREDIT: free people

This beautiful bow scrunchie is perfect for a half-up half-down hair look and has dangling pearl embellishments.

John Lewis & Partners Top Knot Headband, Silky Green
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CREDIT: john lewis

Ballet hair is sleek and neat and often keeps all hair out of the face. Replicate this with these silk top knot headbands from John Lewis.This headband comes in green, navy and pink.

9ct Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings
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CREDIT: H Samuel

Jewellery Similar to the hairstyles, Balletcore jewellery is kept simple and sweet, and nothing reflects that more than pearls. Feel like a princess with these 9ct pearl drop earrings.

Asos Design Choker Necklace in Graduating Faux Pearls
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CREDIT: asos

A pearl choker is classy, whilst a little bit saucy. The perfect combo, if you ask us.

Delicate Swarovski Pearl Bracelet
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CREDIT: not on the highstreet

To finish off our list, we've got this delicate Swarovski pearl bracelet, available in silver/rose gold/gold plated or sterling silver. And that's your Balletcore wardrobe revamp, sorted. ud83eude70

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