Here’s why everyone is wearing a green quilted coat this autumn

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best green quilted coats to shop online

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From oversized knits to cherri-fying Frappicinos, autumn is finally here and to be honest with you, we're glad to be reacquainted.

Move over Hot Girl Summer, Sad Girl Fall feels way more up our street.

The only difficult thing to muster (aside from digging out last year's brolly) is working out what on earth to wear?! Are we doing neutrals again? Are sweater vests still a thing? Can I get away with bright fuschia heels a la Sharon Gaffka?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding YES. Wear what makes you feel good is always our mantra here at heat HQ. However, if you also want to look like you have a glittering job in fashion, here's the easiest way how.

It's time to say hello to the humble green quilted coat.

Sure, they're nothing wild or whacky, but that's half the charm. They're practical, effortless and will go perfectly with all your neutral jumpers. The green quilted coat has also been adorned by plenty of influencers, including Ruby Holley, Missy_Elz and Jess Sheppard.

A green quilted coat is also timeless. Sure, post-lockdown us is seriously hankering over fluffy pink tops and sequins on ery-thang, but building a capsule wardrobe full of pieces that will go compliment your existing pieces is the best way to go for your bank balance and the environment.

Check out the very best green quilted jackets and coats to shop from the high street, with prices starting from a very reasonable £40.

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SHOP: the best green quilted coats

Khaki Quilted Jacket1 of 6

Khaki Quilted Jacket

This River Island number is definitely our favourite (and worn by influencer Missy_Elz). We love the relaxed bomber jacket fit and the stylish brown detailing. 10/10.

The Quilted Coat2 of 6

The Quilted Coat

Another stellar option, is the M&S belted longline coat which resembles a very cosy duvet cover. Win-win.

ASOS DESIGN quilted cropped jacket in khaki ASOS DESIGN quilted cropped jacket in khaki3 of 6

ASOS DESIGN quilted cropped jacket in khaki ASOS DESIGN quilted cropped jacket in khaki

Spotted on Ruby Holley, we love this boxy alternative. We recommend going two sizes down from your usual as it comes up huge.

green4 of 6

Water-repellient puffer coat

You can count on Zara on the ol' coat front and this khaki puffer is a corker. Pair with a cosy knitted dress and your best stomping boots for an easy autumn outfit.

Quilted coat5 of 6

Quilted coat

We don't know if it's the oversized pockets or the classic tie-waist, but we are literally salivating over this H&M coat. It's only available in a few sizes, but we're manifesting it'll be back in stock soon.

Khaki Quilted Long Puffer Coat6 of 6

Khaki Quilted Long Puffer Coat

If you're looking for something simple and without the tie-waist, you'll love this delight from the Anne Marie x New Look collection.

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What to wear with your chosen green quilted coat:

Black jumper dress and knee-high boots: perfect for coffee dates and looking like an autumnal vison at brunch.

Faux leather leggings and a neutral knit: essentially our everyday uniform in the colder months.

All back ery-thang: influencer Ruby Holley proves that an all-black get up will always be cool (and so easy!)

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