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Barbie is out and Brat is in

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It is finally time for us 'hot mess' girls to take centre stage as the queen of chaos Charli XCX and her iconic album 'Brat' has been confirmed as the anthem of the summer.

Last year, Margot Robbie and her fabulously chic Barbie press tour was the talk of the town with everyone celebrating girlhood in shades of pink. Now it's time for a Brat summer and coming from someone whose whole life has been leading up to this very moment, I've got you covered.

Charli and Troye
Get ready to live your best brat life ©Photo by Katja Ogrin/Redferns

Don't get me wrong Barbie was, and will forever remain, a game changer in the world of feminism but if, like me, you find solace in shades of lime green, smudged kohl, shots of tequila and Julia Fox rather than hot pink, clean girl makeup, white wine and Margot Robbie, now is your time.

And those who can live in both worlds? Pull on that ribbed white top, crimp those extensions and get ready to be unashamedly bratty.

During a chat with Nick Grimshaw on BBC Sounds, Charli herself claimed the term 'Brat summer' to be all about, "a pack of a cigs and a Bic lighter and a strappy white top with no bra."

Tick, tick and tick.

As a Kesha girl living in a Hailey Bieber world, I have to admit it is about time this indie sleaze-infused chaotic glam made a comeback.

Check out below for my tips on how to nail your very own Brat summer.

Trashy but glam

"When you're in the mirror, do you like what you see?"

These words just about sum up exactly what the Brat summer aesthetic is all about. Keep it glam but add an element of grime to the ensemble. Make-up that looks like you have had it on all day, sheer black tights and micro skirts paired with resting bitch face and a night of partying.

Back yourself - and your friends

"It's alright to just admit that I'm the fantasy / You're obsessin', just confess it 'cause it's obvious / I'm your number one."

Brat summer isn't just about fashion and make-up; it's a mindset and an attitude because at the end of the day, you need to look in the mirror and be happy with who is staring back at you - and I don't just mean that hot AF face. Be confident in the choices you've made and the way you live your life.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel like you can do anything. If I don't feel someone is bringing good vibes or positive energy to my life, they don't deserve to be in it.

Charli recruited the likes of the always iconic and unforgiving Julia Fox, queen of kooky actress Chloë Sevigny and internet sensation Gabriette for her '360' music video and it felt like The Last Supper of this year's It Girls.

Romanticise everything

"Bad tattoos on leather-tanned skin / Jesus Christ on a plastic sign / Fall in love again and again."

Charli says as much in her song, Everything is Romantic.

In a society that feels like it is falling apart it can be easy to hang on to the negativity thrown at us on a daily basis but it's time to find beauty in the mundane.

Stay out till 5am with your mates, buy the over priced iced coffee, book in that tattoo you've been too scared to get and photograph EVERYTHING; whether it's the meal you had last night or your friend's drunk karaoke set.

You want to be able to look back on your Brat summer and know you had the time of your life.

Head to toe black for summer is IN ©Photo by Gotham/GC Images

Be unapologetically you

"Why I can't even grit my teeth and lie? I feel all these feelings I can't control."

If anything, Brat is a reminder that life is too short to not embrace all the things you are and want to be; whether that's a sentimental, soft girl or a hardcore goth queen.

Date who you want to date and take countless selfies on a Polaroid camera, cry when you need to and be vocal about all the things you adore.

I don't believe in the term 'guilty pleasures.' If it brings me joy, why should I feel bad about loving it?

Building bridges is IN

"I don't know if you like me / Sometimes I think you might hate me."

Don't be afraid to admit that maybe you messed up. It's time to squash that feud and make amends just like Charli XCX and Lorde. Who knows? Maybe something creative will come out of it.

Whether you are ready to embody the full essence of Brat summer or just fancy dabbling in the world of oversized buckle belt mini skirts and the colour black, check out the key components for channelling your inner Brat.

There is a place for everyone this Brat summer - don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

shein tee
shein tee

A white top is key when it comes to channelling your inner brat; just make sure it's cropped and fitted. Honestly, the tighter the better.
This Shein tee screams Charli but a ribbed racer back vest or any white baby tee would work just as well.

black sunglassesamazon
Price: £9.99

Say no to the Versace Medusas and the Ray-Ban Wayfarers and grab yourself a pair of wrap-around sunglasses you could pick up from the petrol station.

Made By Mitchell All Smudge No Budge Liner Beauty Bay
Price: (WAS £10) £6.95


A lick of black eyeliner is a trademark Charli look and the best part is that the messier the better. Think 90s grunge mixed with 00s party girl.
Just like everything Made by Mitchell creates the 'All Smudge, No Budge,' eyeliner is unreal and does just what it says on the tin. Smudges but never budges.

Von Dutch tampa trucker cap beige checkerboard printASOS

The easiest way to channel your inner Charli, baby is with a Von Dutch hat. The Essex queen's Von Dutch song is a club classic (see what I did there?) and adds that iconic Y2K look, Charli loves so much, to any ensemble.

Bright Green Long Stiletto NailsEtsy

For a not-so-subtle nod to THE colour of the season, these lime green press-on nails from Etsy are a temporary yet bold statement.


Charli loves a black boot; whether it's knee high, calf length or ankle. Pairing black boots with a white top and mini skirt or hot pants SCREAM brat summer and is a simple yet hot AF look.

Jaded Dark Wash Toxic Denim Hot PantsJaded

Everything Jaded makes has an essence of brat about it but these denim hot pants in particular may well have already been in Charli's wardrobe. They're definitely in mine.

Black Thorns Totem Waterproof Temporary TattoosTemu

Tramp stamps, cybergilism tattoos and old-school tribal designs can all play a part in brat summer. Obviously getting yourself a brand new tattoo might be a little too much for the average person but you can always go for a temporary tat for the season.

xxPretty Little Thing

Motor jackets aren't going anywhere anytime soon and this grey outerwear from Pretty Little Thing looks like one Charli could be spotted in at any moment.
Be sure to pair with a micro skirt or hot pants and boots but NOTHING else.

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