TikTok has found the PERFECT Barbie Halloween costume dupe (and it’s a steal from PLT)

Because Barbiecore is back, baby.

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Barbie has been with us since the dawn of time (or it feels that way, at least). After 64 years, Barbara Millicent Roberts (if we're calling her by her Christian, 'you're in trouble' name) has certainly been a loyal friend to many across the world. So, it's no surprise that people are RUNNING to grab all the Barbie Halloween outfits, with the spooky season coming up shortly.

And, even better, TikTok fans have found a REPLICA of many Barbie Halloween outfits and they're available straight off of PrettyLittleThing for as low as a mere £22. Bargain. It's never been easier to DIY a Barbie Halloween costume for a tempting price.

From the Barbie Cowgirl costume to the Barbie Rollerskating costume, you can get your Barbiecore fix this Halloween and feel just as hawt as Margot Robbie. Thanks, TikTok. Barbie and Ken Halloween costumes, incoming.

I don't need to ask whether you've seen the Barbie film. Because of course, you have. What a stupid question. Apologies. If you're here, that can only mean one thing. You're after the best Barbie outfits. We, here at heat, were kind Kenough to find the most iconic looks, just for you. Perfect for dressing up for Halloween, but cute enough to wear all year round.

The Barbie film, released in July 2023, was incredible. Perhaps not at the level of perfection as say, the classic Barbie princess movies (Barbie: Mermaidia anyone?) but it will suffice. Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, amongst the many other incredible performers, have created a film which will go down in cinematic history. Sublime!

So, ready to get your Barbie Halloween outfit ready? Here are the TikTok-viral PrettyLittleThing Halloween Barbie outfits as well as how to create your own Barbie costume with the dupes below.

SHOP: The viral Barbie Halloween outfits on PrettyLittleThing

This dupe needs no explanation - of course, it's the classic rollerskating outfit. Everyone will know you're donning a Barbie Halloween costume if you wear this.

Best Cowgirl Barbie Halloween outfit

As seen on TikTok, fans are going wild about this chic pink jumpsuit. We all know the infamous Cowgirl Barbie costume when Barbie and Ken are trying to find their way around on Earth - and for just £30, you can have almost the exact same look as the show.

Want to take the Barbie cowgirl costume up a notch? Get this sexy latex pink two-piece. Plus, it comes with a cowgirl hat and scarf, so it's a whole Halloween costume in one.

Everyone knows a Halloween costume is all in the details so snap up this Bright Pink Bandana Neck Scarf to complete the cowgirl look. Also available in white if that's more your style.

MORE: How to replicate Barbie's best outfits

Here is our guide to recreating the best Barbie outfits from the film, as well as some other historic Barbie outfits that you'll know and love. Afterwards, keep scrolling for our separate list of the best Barbiecore buys on the high street.


How to recreate Barbie's most iconic outfits from the film and beyond

Barbie's Pink Cowboy Outfit1 of 12
CREDIT: warner bros

Barbie's Pink Cowboy Outfit

Barbie's Driving Dress Outfit2 of 12
CREDIT: warner bros

Barbie's Driving Dress Outfit

"Did you bring the roller skates?" "Of course, I literally go nowhere without them." Replicate Barbie's driving outfit with this beautiful dress from New Look, paired with accessories from Etsy and Amazon.

New Look Quilted Mini Smock Dress in Pale Pink, £20

Women's Classic French Artist Solid 100% Wool Beret Hat, £4.99

Pink Pearl Drop Earrings, £7.20

Mini Sugar Pink Glitter Bow, £4

Barbie's Navy Swing Dress Outfit3 of 12
CREDIT: warner bros

Barbie's Navy Swing Dress Outfit

We could see ourselves wearing this outfit all year round. If only our clothes would magically appear on our bodies like Barbie. Instead, we have to spend twenty minutes having to squeeze into a pair of jeans. I digress...

Finery Lindy Navy Midi Shirt Dress, £89

Pearl Stone Drop Resin Earrings, £6

Satin Bow Hair Clip, £6.40

Barbie's Retro Blue Outfit4 of 12
CREDIT: warner bros

Barbie's Retro Blue Outfit

We're so in love with this retro sweetheart dress and blue headband combo seen in the film. Pair with some jewel-embellished heels and you're good to go.

Etsy Barbie Margot Dress Inspired Costume, £108.75

London Rebel Embellished Slingback Bridal Heeled Shoes in Ivory Satin, £32

Etsy Polka Dot Blue Headband, £7.15

Barbie's Pink Gingham Outfit5 of 12
CREDIT: warner bros

Barbie's Pink Gingham Outfit

Perhaps one of the most iconic outfits to come out of the film, Barbie in pink gingham is a moment. We've found the perfect elements to make the look, including a dress from Cider you'll be wearing to every summer BBQ.

Square Neck Rosette Check Split Mini Dress, £23

Daisy Silver Jewellery Set, £35

Pastel Ombre Two Part Court Shoe, £40

Pink Gingham Bow Clip, £7.50

Barbie Dance Party Outfit6 of 12
CREDIT: warner bros

Barbie Dance Party Outfit

Who else can't stop thinking about the dance party scene? Cinematic perfection. We've found a perfect dup[e for Margot's strapless jumpsuit from ASOS for £225, or a more affordable option for £110.

ASOS LUXE Embellished Sweetheart Bandeau Kick Flare Jumpsuit in Rose Gold, £225

ASOS LUXE Halter Neck Corsetted Wide Leg Embellished Jumpsuit in Pink, £110

Mixed Metal Triple Row Rhinestone Stretch Bracelets 3 Pack, £5

Gold Leather-Look Strappy Stiletto Heel Court Shoes, £22

Barbie's Beach Sailor-Themed Outfit7 of 12
CREDIT: warner bros

Barbie's Beach Sailor-Themed Outfit

FLAT FEET 🤮. Recreate this look with a slightly spenny (but gorgeous) dupe from My Beachy Side, or save some dough with a cheaper option from Cider. Finish off with the accessories below.

My Beachy Side Ali Crochet Striped Halter Top, £112.40

Cider Stripe Twist Halter Crop Top, £9.90

Jack Wills Denim Shorts, £23

Etsy Blue Anchor Earrings, £16

Jeepers Peepers Festival Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses in Green with Tonal Lens, £13

Barbie's neon rollerskater outfit in the upcoming Barbie film...8 of 12
CREDIT: getty images

Barbie's Neon Rollerskater Outfit

Barbie's original retro chevron swimsuit outfit 9 of 12
CREDIT: unique-vintage

Barbie's Original Retro Chevron Swimsuit Outfit...

This outfit dates back to 1959 when Barbie first hit the scene, and it's an absolute classic. It even appeared at the start of the Barbie film, 2001: A Space Odyssey-like. Here's everything you'll need to reproduce that retro look.

Zara X Barbie Mattel Swimsuit Black & White, £79.99

PrettyLittleThing White Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses, £5.50

Wolf & Badger Hanging Hoop Stud Earrings, £34

Rimini Barely There Block Heeled Sandals Wide Fit, £29

Barbie's Totally Hair Barbie Outfit...10 of 12
CREDIT: the barbie room

Barbie's Totally Hair Barbie Outfit

Released in 1992, this is a Barbie doll that is instantly recognisable - she has a cameo in the Barbie 2023 movie. The '70s print, the bright neon earrings, the crimped-to-high-heaven hair. Everything equates to an iconic look.

Smiffys Totally Hair Barbie Costume with Dress, Wig and Hair Extensions, £40.99

Pink Retro Triangle Studs, £4.39

Etsy Neon Pink Silky Satin Hair Scrunchie, £2.50

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Salary Mid-Heeled Court Shoes in Pink, £15.50

Barbie's '80s inspired outfit from Toy Story11 of 12
CREDIT: pixar inc

Barbie's '80s Inspired Outfit From Toy Story 3

Who could forget Barbie's incredible cameo in Toy Story 3? Ok, quick - let's move on from thinking about Toy Story 3, otherwise, we might start crying. It's a sore point for us all... 🥺😭

eBay Toy Story Blue Fancy Dress Catsuit, £14.50

New Look Bright Pink Leather-Look Buckle Belt, £10

eBay Women Student Rainbow Knit Leg Warmers, £5.63

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Salary Mid-Heeled Court Shoes in Pink, £15.50

Etsy Neon Pink Silky Satin Hair Scrunchie, £2.50

Barbie's Princess and The Pauper dress from the Barbie princess films...12 of 12
CREDIT: mainframe entertainment

Barbie's Princess and The Pauper Dress

We've got all the elements to recreate Erika's beautiful gown in The Princess and The Pauper. You could also use these items for other Barbie princesses, such as Princess Genevieve or Rapunzel.

Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper Princess Cosplay Costume Dress, £115.50

Jayley Blue Faux Fur Cape Jacket, £46.80

Etsy Blue & Pink Flower Crown, £12.41

SHOP: Barbie-inspired outfits to rock the Barbiecore trend

Barbie® Script Logo Necklaceetsy
Price: £20.46 (was £40.92)


What better way to pay homage to your childhood, and the upcoming (life-changing) Greta Gerwig film, than to buy yourself a Barbie chain?

ASYOU Hot Fix Denim Co-ORD in Hot Pinkasos
Price: £18.14 (was £32.99)


This denim corset, embellished with diamantes, is the epitome of Barbiecore fashion.

One reviewer remarks on the tube top, "So cute!! I wore this for the festival and it was perfect! The fur was flying a little bit but it’s fine. A little bit small for me but I didn’t worry about slipping down."

Barbie Ayda Small Shoulder Bagkipling

Kipling x Barbie is the collaboration we never knew we needed. With a wide range of bags adorned with Barbie theming, including backpacks and baguette bags, its Kipling nature will mean this bag will last you for LIFE. Who's still got their Kipling primary school bag with monkey keyring? We rest our case.

Lamoda Platform Heeled Shoes With Ankle Strap in Pale Pinkasos

It's summertime, and a pair of Barbie-pink sandals are sure to pop in the sunshine.

Women's Catsuit Solid Color U Necklight in the box
Price: £29 (was £40.73)


Super sexy, and ultra-SKIMS-Kim-K-inspired, this catsuit will have heads turning. Pair up with chunky trainers and a loose cardigan and you'll be looking like a ballerina.

Baby Pink PU Bodycon Dresspretty little thing
Price: £25.50 (was £28)


Utterly obsessed with this latex PLT dress, coloured in a beautiful baby pink shade.

We're predicting Barbie will be BIG for fancy dress parties and Halloween this year, so we suggest getting in early doors with the CHICEST outfits to pay homage to your favourite icon.

What is Barbiecore?

Although Millenials and Gen Z have disagreements (aka Gen Z roasting Millennials for using words like "doggo" and jokes about coffee), we can all agree on one thing: growing up with a Barbie doll was one of the best things about our childhoods. Dressing her up in all different clothes and those surprise visits to Toys R Us where you'd run down the Barbie aisle with glee. What a time to be alive.

It's no surprise, then, that the Barbiecore trend has taken over the fashion world. But what is Barbiecore?

Pink pink... and more pink. Barbiecore has changed definitions over the years, but one thing stays the same - pink. Barbie's fashion aesthetic started off broader in the '60s and '70s eras, simply copying the styles of the time. Whatever appeared in the coolest fashion magazines, Barbie would soon be wearing it. Plus, a fun fact: Barbie started off as a redhead.

By the '90s and early noughties, Barbie had developed an aesthetic of her own, henceforth called Barbiecore. Inspired by LA Valley girls, with hints of Y2K (because everything has to have Y2K flavourings these days), Barbiecore included layers of pale pink, denim jackets and lip gloss. That typical girl-next-door vibe.

Nowadays, Barbiecore is more of a sexy, editorial look. Plastic, skin-tight latex clothing and bright hot pink. Of course, the girl-next-door vibes still stand, but the aesthetic developed to include more high-fashion clothing. For example, Zendaya rocked this Barbie pink suit during this year's Paris Fashion Week and looked stunning.

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