Barbie’s most iconic outfits EVER (and how to recreate them from the high street)

Because Barbiecore is back, baby

film shot from new barbie film with Margot Robbie

by Ruby Barry |

Barbie has been with us since the dawn of time (or it feels that way, at least). After 63 years, Barbara Millicent Roberts (if we're calling her by her Christian, you're-in-trouble name) has certainly been a loyal friend to many across the world.

Although Millenials and Gen Z have disagreements (aka Gen Z roasting Millennials for using words like "doggo" and jokes about coffee)- we can all agree on one thing. Growing up with a Barbie doll was one of the best things about our childhoods. Dressing her up in all different clothes, and those surprise visits to Toys R Us where you'd run down the Barbie aisle with glee. What a time to be alive.

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You'll be pleased to know that Barbie is making a return to our cinema screens in 2023, with Greta Gerwig's film, Barbie. Of course, it won't be as good as the classic Barbie princess movies (Barbie: Mermaidia anyone?) but it will suffice. Filming is already underway, with pics of Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken) skating around a beach appearing online.

It's no surprise, then, that the Barbiecore trend has taken over the fashion world. But what is Barbiecore?

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What is Barbiecore?

Pink pink...and more pink. Barbiecore has changed definitions over the years, but one thing stays the same - pink. Barbie's fashion aesthetic started off more broad in the '60s and '70s, simply copying the styles of the time. Whatever appeared in the coolest fashion magazines, Barbie would soon be wearing it. Plus, fun fact: Barbie started off as a redhead.

By the '90s and early noughties, Barbie had developed an aesthetic of her own, henceforth called Barbiecore. Inspired by LA Valley girls, with hints of Y2K, Barbiecore included layers of pale pink, denim jackets and lip gloss. That typical girl-next-door vibe.

We're predicting Barbie will be BIG for fancy dress parties and Halloween this year, so we suggest getting in there early doors with the CHICEST outfits to pay homage to your favourite icon.

Keep reading for some of Barbie's most recognisable outfits and how to recreate them, fancy dress style.

SHOP: Barbie-inspired outfits to rock the Barbiecore trend

Nowadays, Barbiecore is more of a sexy, editorial look. Plastic, skin-tight latex clothing and bright hot pink. Of course, the girl-next-door vibes still stand, but the aesthetic developed to include more high-fashion clothing. For example, Zendaya rocked this Barbie pink suit during this year's Paris Fashion Week and looked stunning.

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We've also got the scoop on how to look like Barbs (Nicki Minaj fans, stand down) by recreating some of her most famous looks.

How to recreate Barbie's most iconic looks throughout the years


How to look like Barbie in 2022

Barbie's pink cowboy outfit in the upcoming Barbie film...
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CREDIT: getty images

Let's start off with the latest rendition of Barbie - Margot Robbie, of course. Sneaky pictures taken from the set show her in this iconic pink cowboy look, and we've got the goods on how to recreate it below.

boohoo Tailored Waistcoat (£14.40, was £18)

boohoo Petite Side Cut Out Flare Trousers (£7, was £14)

Stradivarius Cowboy Ankle Boots with Heel (£17.99, was £49.99)

Etsy 12 Fabric Glitter 2 Inch 50mm Stars Iron-On (£6.99)

Barbie's original retro chevron swimsuit outfit
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CREDIT: unique-vintage

Barbie's '80s inspired outfit from Toy Story
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CREDIT: pixar inc

Who could forget Barbie's incredible cameo in Toy Story 3? She and Ken were iconic. Ok, let's move on from thinking about Toy Story 3, otherwise, we might start crying. It's a sore point for us all... 🥺😭

eBay Toy Story Blue Fancy Dress Catsuit (£14.50)

Mango Margot Stitch Square Buckle Belt, Pink (£9.99, was £19.99)

eBay Women Student Rainbow Knit Leg Warmers (£4.99)

EGO Farrah Perspex Court Heel in Pink (£12.99, was £22.99)

Amazon 6 Pc Soft Cotton Hair Scrunchies (£6.49)

Barbie's Princess and The Pauper dress from the Barbie princess films...
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CREDIT: mainframe entertainment

_I'm just like you
I think that's true
You're just like me
Yes, I can see
We take responsibilit_y 🎶

Now you've got that suitably stuck in your head, we've got all the elements to recreate Erika's beautiful gown in The Princess and The Pauper. We've got two dresses on different scales of price, so you can be beautiful no matter your budget. You could also use these items for other Barbie princesses, such as Princess Genevieve or Rapunzel. Best. Halloween. Costume. Ever.

Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper Princess Cosplay Costume Dress (£115.50, was £173.25)

Etsy Rapunzel Princess Ballgown Fancy Dress Outfit (£45)

Light in the Box Women's Coat Cloak in Light Blue (£31, was £44.22)

Etsy Blue & Pink Flower Crown (£13 +)

Barbie's Totally Hair Barbie Outfit...
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CREDIT: the barbie room

Released in 1992, this is a Barbie doll that is instantly recognisable. The '70s print, the bright neon earrings, the crimped-to-high-heaven hair. Everything equates to an iconic look.

Smiffys Totally Hair Barbie Costume with Dress, Wig and Hair Extensions (£39.99)

Etsy Pink Retro Triangle Studs (£8.99)

Amazon 6 Pc Soft Cotton Hair Scrunchies (£6.49)

boohoo Stiletto Court Shoes (£22.40, was £28)

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