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'70s fashion

by Ruby Barry |

The '70s was an era of major social change, the boom of hippie culture, and surprisingly - the invention of the email. If only they knew, all these years later, we would be haunted with emails of tempting ASOS sales and Duolingo telling us it's been 2,356 days since our last streak.

Gen Z has been obsessing over the seventies look lately, and with good reason. The '70s style was full of colour, flower-power, patterns and fabrics. Bell bottoms, jumpsuits and anything crotchet dominated the fashion scene throughout the early, mid and late seventies. People experimented with their clothing every day and took risks with their wardrobes. We want to take inspiration from that because monochrome is so last week.

We've created the ultimate '70s women's style guide, including dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories from UK high street brands, so you can be decked out in celebration of the disco era. Plus, we might sprinkle a few seventies fun facts throughout to get you in the groove. Dig it?

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'70s style clothes you can buy on the high street

Motel Avaya 70s Spot Dress
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

We're starting off with '70s style dresses. One thing to know about the seventies is that they did not hold back when it came to patterns.

70s Floral Printed Pleated Ruched Front Midi
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The phrase "flower power" was used in the late 1960s and early 1970s to represent the nonviolence and anti-war stance at the time.

Topshop Long Sleeve Open Back Midi in 70s Retro Floral
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Chiffon was a beloved fabric in the '70s and makes you feel totally hippie-dippy.

Lurex Clash Midi Dress
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CREDIT: Never fully dressed

Before the '80s took a stronghold of sequins, the late '70s had a running start with all things glitter. This gorgeous dress also has balloon sleeves, which is a disco staple.

Bottle Green 70'S Floral Collared Sleeveless Dress
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CREDIT: I saw it first

Feel like a total earth goddess in this green number.

FAR OUT electric orange "M A R I J K E - 70s DREAM" bell sleeve crochet dress
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Ok, so this dress is a little on the spenny side but, hello?? A dress completely crocheted from scratch?? Get in our basket.

70s Collar Shirt
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CREDIT: Warehouse

On the top half, we love this combo of brown and purple- creating a natural, down-to-earth palette. ✌ufe0fud83cudf0d

Urban Outfitters Archive 70s Floral Plunge Halterneck Top
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CREDIT: Urban outfitters

Thanks to the sexual revolution which started in the '60s, crop tops exploded onto the '70s scene, with both men and women rocking the crop. In fact, it's said that crop tops were first donned by male bodybuilders who "cut off the bottom of their shirts to get around gym dress codes that prevented men from training without shirts".

Chamomile Winter Berry Print Blouse
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CREDIT: Joanie

There are three patterns available for this blouse, but we think the "Winter Berry" print screams the seventies the most.

ASOS DESIGN Satin Ruched Front Top with Hook and Eye Detail in Swirl Print
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Swirly whirly ud83dude35‍ud83dudcabDon't look at the pattern for too long, you might get confuddled.

Chocolate Rib Asymmetric Hem Milkmaid Crop Top
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CREDIT: Missguided

No, your eyes do not deceive you - it is indeed a '70s top that is free from patterns. You can easily rock the hippie look without print.

Warehouse 70s Collar Satin Fitted Shirt
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CREDIT: Debenhams

This top uses a "Barrymore Collar", a type of collar popularised in the '70s by actor John Barrymore. It's hella camp.

Tall 70s Floral Print Flares
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CREDIT: Debenhams

Moving onto bottoms now and, be warned, there are a lot of bell bottoms/flares ahead. These particular flares also come with a matching top.

UO Brown 70s Wavy Print Flare Trousers
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CREDIT: Urban outfitters

Earthy oranges and brown became the colours of the seventies-era, as a rebellion against the artificial. This pattern also reminds us of the lines of static that would appear on old TVs.

Paisley Park - Midi Skirt for Women
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CREDIT: Quiksilver

You can't have a '70s lookbook without a flowy skirt- so here it is, in beautiful paisley print.

Velvet High Waist Bell Bottom Pants
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CREDIT: Ultamodan

Velvet was one of the go-to fabrics of the '70s, and with these bell-bottoms from Ultamodan, you can choose from red, black, green, dark green or purple.

Light Land - High Waisted Trousers for Women
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CREDIT: Quiksilver

Neutral and natural, the perfect basis for a '70s outfit. Use these high-waisted 100 per cent cotton trousers as a starting point and layer from here.

UO Brown Swirl Print Mesh Halter Jumpsuit
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

It wouldn't be a '70s style guide without some good old jumpsuits. ud83dude0d

ASOS DESIGN Collar Zip Front 70s Jumpsuit in Brown
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Jumpsuits were often worn by both sexes in the '70s, with Elvis and Cher being the jumpsuit icons of the era.

Halter Denim Jumpsuit
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CREDIT: Karen millen

Unfortunately, the '70s introduced double denim ud83eudd22 Just don one layer of denim here with this halter jumpsuit.

ASOS DESIGN 70s Neck Tie Tea Jumpsuit in Retro Floral
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This jumpsuit is fab but be warned - the reviews state that the bust can only fit an A/B cup. Small boob club, rise up ud83dude4c

UO Corduroy Tasha Faux Fur Trim Coat
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CREDIT: Urban outfitters

Gone are the days when putting on your coat would ruin your look - the seventies are here to help.

UO Amber Faux Fur Longline Coat
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CREDIT: Urban outfitters

Faux fur-lined coats, faux fur-lined coats everywhere. ud83dude4c

Faux-fur-trimmed jacket
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Combine vegan leather and fur in this '70s mash-up to die for. Comes in black or olive green.

Jayley Faux Fur Trim Tie Waist Midi Coat in Green
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Look at that faux fur trim - fabulous darling.

Topshop PU & Faux Fur Trim Long Belted Coat in Buttermilk
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Instead of going for full-on white, wearing slightly muted colours such as buttermilk can fit in with the au naturel stylings of the seventies.

Faux Shearling Donkey Coat
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CREDIT: Warehouse

Another slightly expensive option, but mum always said to spend money on a good quality coat. ud83dudc40

Koi Footwear Zuri Mary Jane Heel Shoes
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Shoes - you can never have too many. The seventies prioritised big heels over all else. All we can say is, RIP your ankles. ud83dude4f

ASOS DESIGN Profile Chunky High Heeled Loafer in Tan
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Loafers actually came into popularity during the '50s but had a resurgence during the '70s and '80s. Preppy realness.

PILAR Leather Back-Strap Platform Sandals
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CREDIT: Fitflop

No ordinary sandals allowed. Platforms were always the way to go.

Koi Tira Mary Jane Shoes
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CREDIT: Urban Outfiiters

Another style popular in the seventies was the Mary Jane shoe, and we're obsessed.

ASOS DESIGN Priority Platform High Heeled Shoes in Multi
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This heel height is a whopping 12.5 cm, so not for the faint of heart. Brave warriors only.

Brown Faux Leather Knee High Platform Boots
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CREDIT: Missguided

Knee-high boots were also a go-to in more subtle colours, not like the bright knee-high platforms of the '60s.

70s Low Boots
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CREDIT: Superdry

Rather go for something more low-key? We get you - here's a great option from Superdry.

Pink 70'S Retro Heart iPhone 12/12 Pro Case
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CREDIT: Pretty little thing

Let's talk accessories. iPhones didn't exist back in the '70s but that doesn't mean you can't deck your tech in the era's funky patterns.

ASOS DESIGN Recycled Polyester Knot Headband in 70s Swirl Print
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The hippie movement resulted in hairbands galore.

Resin Earring
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CREDIT: Jigsaw

Resin jewellery emulates the radical stylings of the past, and this pair from Jigsaw comes in green or red.

70s Squarely Mod Blue Green Brown Earrings Groovy Girl
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Although Mod Fashion was making its way out of style by the early 1970s, some of its influencers stuck around, including the use of shapes.

70s Resin Flower Drop Earrings
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CREDIT: Urban Outfitters

Flowers - are we surprised? Not mad though. ud83dude0d

70s Style Circle Clay Earrings
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Get the individual colours for £8, or the whole collection for £20.

Brown retro heart necklace
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Peace and love, maaaan ✌ufe0f.

Matira Enamel Coated Chain Necklace
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CREDIT: Oliver Bonas

This necklace is the izz, fo-sho. (ud83dude2cSorry...)

Oversized Reading Glasses
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Remember your gran having an affinity for big glasses? Yep, you've got the '70s to thank for that. Your gran was stylish as heck. With these glasses from Etsy store, insurgenteyewear, you can get them in the prescriptions +100 to +400, as well as clear.

GROOVIES - Super 70s - UV400 - Tinted Sunglasses
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Remember to get UV-rated glasses folks. Ok, lecture over.

ASOS DESIGN Recycled Frame 70s Sunglasses with Orange Lens in Green
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These sunnies are great because they're 100 per cent recycled. "After being crushed into chips, the old plastic is melted down and pressed into brand-new plastic".

Custom crochet bag
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You can contact the shop owner Eloise to choose custom colours for your crochet bag- totally bitchen.

ASOS DESIGN 70s Cross Body Bag with Lock Detail in Brown Cord
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Finishing off our style guide is this Corduroy bag from ASOS, which, above all else was THE fabric of the 70s, because of its working-class roots. Stitch a peace sign patch to this bad boy and you're good to go.

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