How to dress like an E-girl in 2022: your definitive guide

Imagine throwing skulls and rainbows into a blender, and you get E-girl fashion

Egirl TikTokers

by Ruby Barry |

With the ever-growing success of TikTok (you might have heard of it?), a new generation of pensive young adults has been experimenting online with the gothic stylings of the past.

However, these emo-centric, edgy outfits and make-up looks have been updated by Generation Z to form the ‘E-girl’ trend.

Even celebrities have gotten involved in the past, such as Billie Eilish and Doja Cat taking inspiration from the style with their love for neon, oversized clothes, and layered chains.

Billie Eilish & Doja Cat
Billie Eilish & Doja Cat ©Getty Images

What is an E-girl?

As always, we must look to the pillar of knowledge, Urban Dictionary, to learn more. It defines E-girls as “a girl on TikTok that wears an excessive amount of blush, hearts under their eyes, cute hair, watches anime and dresses kinda Lolita”.

Looking at the book Japanese Street Style by Pat Lyttle, we can see how Japanese street fashion from 2012 has influenced the E-girl style in 2021. Iconic fashion styles always seem to emerge from the streets of Tokyo.

Japanese Street Style by Pat Lyttle
©Japanese Street Style by Pat Lyttle

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Essentials E-girl accessories

Before we search the high street to create the ultimate E-girl style guide, we first must nail down the fundamentals of the look. Notepads at the ready - to establish your E-girl wardrobe, you must own:

A black & white/navy striped long sleeve t-shirt (don’t ask us why, but it seems to be the number one staple in any E-girl look)

• Layers, so many layers...

• N E O N

Smock dresses

Graphic tees

Fishnet tights

Lots of silver, cutesy jewellery

Basically, anything that makes you look like a mixture of a toddler and a gothic vampire. Trust us - somehow, it works. Need some help? Heat has got you covered with the top E-girl clothes from the high street.

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E-girl fashion from the high street 2022

Asos Design Long Sleeve Striped T-Shirt in Navy
1 of 27
CREDIT: asos

Here it is folks, the main event: the long-sleeved striped tee. A must-have for an E-girl, and goes underneath any graphic tee.

Warehouse Mixed Stripe Roll Neck Knit Jumper
2 of 27
CREDIT: Debenhams

Or to switch things up a LOT, go for this multi-coloured, rainbow shirt from Debenhams.

Black Bodysuit For Women Harajuku Butterfly Jumpsuit
3 of 27
CREDIT: etsy

Butterfly patterns are back, which means noughties trends are going to slowly take over the planet in 2022. We're both excited and terrified.

Women Y2k Mini Skirt
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CREDIT: amazon

You see these types of E-girl skirts all over TikTok, and for good reason- they're punk AF. There are 23 colours to choose from, although the black version is our fav.

ASOS DESIGN pleated mini skirt in black
5 of 27

A black, pleated mini skirt is a staple item in E-girl attire.

Women's Summer High Waist Pleated Skirt
6 of 27
CREDIT: amazon

Preppy realness. This skirt is available in a whopping 13 colours.

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CREDIT: Pretty Little Thing

You can't have an E-girl wardrobe without some fishnets. Some people like to rip even bigger holes for extra grudge.

Kawaii Hoodie Sweatshirt
8 of 27
CREDIT: Amazon

It is essential that the sleeves are long enough to hide your hands - it's part of the E-girl charm.

Topshop Petite mini slip dress in silver
9 of 27

Slip dresses are perfect for layering on top of turtlenecks and tights. If you haven't got the hint already, layers are key.

COLLUSION seersucker gingham midi length sundress in orange and black
10 of 27

Collusion is the top brand to look into when searching for E-girl fashion, and luckily for us, ASOS stocks it in abundance. This dress is perfect for layering up.

Black Graffiti Worldwide Limited Print Joggers
11 of 27
CREDIT: Boohoo

For the bottoms, rock these soft graffiti joggers. Even if you are as gothic as they come, no one can resist a comfy pair of joggers.

Psychedelic Check Cycling Shorts
12 of 27
CREDIT: Skinnydip

Billie Eilish loves wearing cycle shorts underneath her oversized tees, and these cut out printed ones from Skinnydip are fab.

13 of 27
CREDIT: Jaded London

Or go for these wonderfully punk shorts from Jaded London.

14 of 27
CREDIT: All Saints

E-girl fashion has its gothic roots, which means lots of skulls. Deathly cute.

The Exorcist Unisex T-Shirt - Black
15 of 27
CREDIT: zavvi

Black is the go-to gothic colour, but black graphic tees bring it into the E-girl realm with that burst of colour, like this Exorcist themed one.

Collusion Unisex T-Shirt With Skull Print in White
16 of 27
CREDIT: asos

Or go white with this cute graphic unisex tee from Collusion.

Aesthetic Red Chinese Dragon Grunge Egirl Teen Girls Women T-Shirt
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CREDIT: Amazon

As well as black, there are 10 other colours to choose from.

COLLUSION check seersucker shirred midi smock dress with collar in multi
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Smock dresses are arguably an E-girl essential, and this neon purple one from ASOS is perfect.

Cartoon Anime Streetwear Harajuku Kawaii Aesthetic T-Shirt
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This T-shirt is influenced by Tokyo streetwear and will make you feel like an anime character.

Asos Design Mini Pleated Tennis Skirt in Green and Cream Check Print
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CREDIT: asos

Loving the Clueless vibes.

NastyGal Rich & Bold Acid Wash T-shirt Dress
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CREDIT: debenhams

Nothing says E-girl more than an oversized T-shirt, and this beauty from Nasty Gal really blurs the lines between T-shirt and dress. We are here for the Billie Eilish vibes ud83dude4c.

Women's Goth Punk Black Long Sleeved Velvet T Shirt
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CREDIT: Young Savage

Giving us major Morticia Addams energy ud83dude0dud83dudc80.

eGirl jewellery Grunge Style Chain
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You can see these types of chunky, layered jewellery pieces all over E-girl TikTok. Defo check out the other E-girl jewellery from this Etsy shop, too.

Retro Flower Hook Earrings - 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s Soft Aesthetic Y2K Lesbian Earrings Earrings Flower Floral Unusual Quirky Cute Funny Kawaii
24 of 27

Add a pop of colour to your outfit with these flower earrings, which are super affordable as well.

70s Skinny Scrunchies 7-Pack
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CREDIT: urban outfitters

Scrunchies are a must-have for any E-girl hair-do, and you get seven chic scrunchies in this Urban Outfitters pack.

Tennin Heart Shoe
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CREDIT: Koi Footwear

These are the cutest frickin' shoes ever.

Women Chunky Platform Mary Jane Shoes Retro Buckle Strap Round Toe Flats Shallow Mouth Japanese Sweet Lolita Princess Shoes
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CREDIT: Amazon

These shoes bring in the Lolita, Japanese Streetwear element into the E-girl style. And that's your E-girl wardrobe sorted.


And there you have it, our picks for the best E-girl fashion on the high street right now. Darn you TikTok for making us buy so many things... but we love you for it.

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