5 of the biggest TikTok and YouTube scandals, feuds, and shockers of 2021

Just when we thought this year couldn't get any more wild...

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We can't help it, can we? We just love the drama.

As soon as we hear about an internet feud, we want to know all the messy details. We want to know what was said and who said it. Show us those receipts, hun.

With some of the most shocking scandals happening to our favourite influencers behind the scenes, it's only a matter of time before we get fan theories, insider gossip and screenshots to keep us hooked.

How about we look over some of the most unexpected feuds on TikTok and YouTube of this past year. 2021 truly was the year of drama...

1. Olivia Neill and Flossie Clegg

If you've been keeping up with the drama on influencers Olivia Neill and Flossie Clegg, you'll know that there's been some major speculation over whether they're still BFFs.

After multiple comparisons between the two, Olivia Neill and Flossie finally collaborated when they filmed their first Youtube video together, and since then had become inseparable.

Going on their hols together, and even moving to London together were all highlights of their friendship. But on TikTok, their followers read into all the clues and pieced together that the iconic duo might have fallen out.

Besides never being seen or posting content together anymore, when Flossie launched her Slazenger collection fans were quick to point out Olivia was the only one who hadn't publicly congratulated her or attended the launch party.

Things took a turn when they both recently posted trailers for a documentary they had in the works, Hometown Showdown. While things looked positive for their friendship, fans commented that filming for the documentary could have taken place before their potential fall out.

It's hard to say, but we do know that Flossie no longer follows Olivia on TikTok, and they attended Winter Wonderland separately. One fan commented on their Youtube documentary, "If this was ages ago and now you’ve fallen out how awkward will this be... I have a feeling it was".

We can only hope that they're secretly still friends and that they're just having us all off.

2. Syd and Ell

After twenty years of friendship, in a shocking turn of events the duo that was Syd and Ell is no more.

These BFFs had been collaborating since 2017 on YouTube and TikTok, where they posted challenge videos, hauls and make-up tutorials. However, fans started to notice something was wrong when the lifelong pals had stopped posting together.

It wasn't until Sydney Crouch posted a video on Youtube called 'New Beginnings', where she addressed the end of the pair, saying, "We have been best friends for twenty years and I guess no one saw this coming, myself included... We’ve decided to go our separate ways and it is sad."

As to why the pair had their monumental fall out? Nobody can say. Syd told followers the reasons behind it were "private".

And as for Ellie Jarrett? She's said nothing about the end of their iconic friendship.

Sydney touched on the topic more in her podcast with PrettyLittleThing, and in this snippet revealed, "I was part of a duo which was the best for five years of my life... but I need to look at it as a blessing in disguise, I think."

While we can't see Syd and Ell making up any time soon, we need our faith in humanity to be restored tbh. New Years Resolution? Reunite Syd and Ell.

3. Max Balegde and Bella 'Nosebleed' Fitz

Another unlikely feud was between former friends Max Balegde and Bella 'Nosebleed' Fitz, which stirred up a lot of controversy on TikTok.

They collaborated on podcasts, videos and other content together with Max even saying, "I genuinely considered Bella to be one of my friends... We would FaceTime once a week, once every two weeks...".

However, their friendship was quickly cut short following a heated disagreement over merch. Max posted a video on TikTok where he revealed after releasing his merchandise "Big Fat Merch," that Bella had unfollowed him on social media. Asking her the reason behind the shady unfollow, Bella replied, "I was asked what I wanted to call my merch and I replied 'Big Fat Fitz' which I couldn’t, because yours is called Big Fat Merch... Don’t make merch off my saying... I feel taken advantage of."

Max responded to claims that he'd stolen the idea on TikTok and insisted that he had been using the phrase did 2019 (before he even had TikTok).

Since Max posted the video, Bella has lost a number of followers and has since apologised in a statement after accusations she'd threatened Max.

"I apologise for causing discomfort amongst our mutual followers... I don’t want to know that I’ve upset you because that really sits heavy on my soul, and I'm really sorry I did," she said.

However, just days ago she posted this video on TikTok. Could this be a dig at Max?

4. Kate Elisabeth and Carmie Sellitto

Remember Olivia Neill and Flossie? Well their Youtuber pal Kate Elisabeth has her own drama too, with none other than ex boyfriend Carmie Sellitto (aka YouTuber TouchDaLight).

Kate and Carmie met when he slid into her DM's on Insta back in 2018, and the couple remained together for three years where they seemingly went from strength to strength.

They both lived in TikTok's "The Wave House", a £5 million mansion occupied by other successful Youtube and TikTok stars alike.

But recently, Kate announced on socials that they had decided to split, insisting there was "no bad blood" between them.

However, a series of videos by Carmie revealed his perspective on the split. Let's just say they're probably not on speaking terms after this...

He posted a TikTok video and captioned it, "We didn't end on good terms and it was not a mutual decision btw". The video contains subtitles that said, "When you thought you found the person you were gonna spend the rest of your life with… but they turn out to be so fake you can’t even recognise them 💔."

In his latest video, Carmie also revealed that he'd "blocked Kate on everything" as he didn't want to see her social media posts following their break-up.

Later, when Kate was asked how she's doing following the split she wrote on the 'gram, "I'm doing okay! I feel like a new chapter is brewing for me x."

A new chapter for Kate, it is. From some of the latest snaps on her Insta, it looks as though since the split she's been chilling in the Caribbean. Well, that's one way to deal with a break-up, hun.

5. Saffron Barker and Tyler Dixon

YouTube and Strictly Come Dancing star, Saffron Barker, revealed earlier this year that she'd split from social media personality Tyler Dixon. They'd met online over lockdown and began dating, even going away on holiday together. Everything seemed to be going well for the couple with Tyler moving into Saffron's £1 million mansion.

But a year after they'd moved in together, the couple had already split. There's been a lot of speculation surrounding the end of their relationship, but the reason remained private.

At the time Saffron posted on Instagram, "Ty and I aren’t together anymore but there is absolutely no bad blood and we will always stay friends."

In fact Tyler recently posted a snap of himself and his pal out and about in Dublin... and we couldn't help but notice that Saffron had liked it.

Whether she's establishing herself as his friend, or whether their relationship is back on the cards, we're not totally sure.

And it looks as though fans aren't convinced either... "You and Saffron still dating??" a fan commented on the picture.

Another replied, "I was wondering the same thing!"

Could they be back on?

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