Meet the £50 River Island dress the internet is currently obsessed with

Could it be the next Zara dress? 👀

River Island dress tie-dye

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We all know the struggle of getting dressed in the summer.

We want something floaty, yet flattering. Fun, yet wearable. Airy, yet modest. And in the midst of a heatwave, we really are too tired to start pairing things together.

Our pals at River Island understand this and have gifted the world the Blue Puff sleeve tie dye midi dress which is, quite frankly, the easy-breezy dress of our dreams.

River Island dress for £50

The tie-dye print ensures it's quirky, without making us feel like we've raided a fancy dress shop. The belt means we can accentuate our waist, whilst revelling in the floatiness of the frock.

Don't just take our word for it, the dress has popped up on our Instagram Explore page almost as often as 'post-lockdown photo dumps' and smug post-workout selfies.

Fashion influencer Sinead Crowe shared a snap of herself wearing the River Island dress and paired it with a cute woven basket and matching espadrilles. Perfect for that laid-back holiday vibe, amirite?

Petite fashion influencer Chloe-Jade Story showed that it still looks babein' on shorter girls and dressed hers up with this season's flip flop heels.

She added, "Surprisingly my favourite is this tie-dye dress, I'm not usually a pattern girl but the cut is so flattering and it's great to push yourself out of your comfort zone."

Meanwhile, Nimi Blackwell wore her River Island dress with a looser waist tie, which shows how cute and versatile the dress really is.

The dress is available from River Island in sizes XS to XL and won't be around for long, so er, don't dilly dally!

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